Zombicide – How To Play


NOTE: Rules correction: When you draw a Zombie Card with a Manhole cover, the indicated zombie(s) will spawn at each manhole cover where there is a survivor on that TILE (the survivor does not have to be on the manhole cover space).

Watch It Played is a series designed to teach and play games. In this episode we’re going to learn how to play Zombicide.

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  1. Is there a link to the ‘live play’ you did on Twitch? Love the tutorial and wanna watch it played before I give it a go.

  2. You said you getting in and out of cars used an action. But the rules state it doesn't cost an action to exit the car. Unless I read it wrong

  3. 15:56 wait but if the shotgun requires two dice then does that mean both dice need to be of 4+ accuracy? or just one of the dice will do?

    also what numbers do the zombie & molotov on the dice represent?

  4. The manhole part: I believe you made a mistake. In the guideline it talks about tiles and whatnot. So if there is a survivor on a tile that has a manhole, a zombie will pop up (of course when the manhole card is drawn at the Zombie's phase) and not necessarily same zone. Please read and let me know if I am misunderstanding it.

  5. RODNEY!!!! I decided to DO IT!! I backed Zombicide 2d Edition at the Presidential level!! I was looking for the first edition at game stores, wanting to look into it some more. I could not find a copy of the first edition anywhere. Then I saw the Kickstarter for 2d Edition. I wrung my hands for weeks unending, and today, 30 minutes before the end of the time period. So I just DID IT!!!!!!!

  6. Rodney holy crap you looked so young! Great to know that the quality was still amazing even all those years back!

  7. Looks like an kick ass game but with all these zombies and ability's how on Earth can anyone win?..lol Do you draw a zombie card for each room when you enter each building? Also I noticed you review the expansions did you review the mall expansion?


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