War Robots [2.5] Test Server – NEW Improved GekkoXX (Laser) with Patton


War Robots [2.5] Test Server Gameplay with the New Improved GekkoXX.
i am not sure if the GekkoXX is worth it now , i mean extra 15% damage output is nice but…
it’s still a weak weapon in general , it’s clip size is kinda small compared to it’s recharge time , but once again this is a straight forward weapon , infinite accuracy and pure damage output however the damage is still not enough in my opinion even when placed on a Patton X4 Times , also if you want to camp then a Fury Treb or KwK is much better option for you.
Next video will be about the Fujin and the Golem Paintworks.
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  3. sao mà thấy người khác chơi chọn được màu sắc của cây genko vậy ai biết chỉ mình với


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