VALORANT | New Agent REYNA – All Abilities, Ultimate & Contract Details


Take an in depth look at the new agent Reyna in Valorant. All abilities, ultimate and contract details.

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  1. Every time he says “interesting” I’m like yea, that’s a good word for it. I usually pronounce that word like “Oh-Pee”

  2. Firing two whole clips of regular guns as a reference for raised fire rate just to stretch the video over 10 minutes made me cringe.

  3. An agent that doesn't require spending on her abilities is gonna be broken. Saving up for better weapons and quicker access to better weapons.

  4. I'm still waiting for that straight white young adult American looking male character that EVERY SINGLE VIDEOGAME HAS. Pls do not be reverse rascists. I know you all stand for the blacks and all, but you are running out of diverse characters. Pls do not give in to the pandering, remember half of the world is still a republican or a traditionalist.

  5. Valorant copied apex legends this ultimate is like beast of the hunt and she also says the hunt begins bloodhound also says this

  6. I am so angry at myself for finding this channel so late. Bcs every time I search for valorant tips on YouTube the first video YouTube recommend is from proguides valorant which is a clickbait rubbish channel.

    This channel explain things and also show you how it works. Proguides just read the freaking description to you, like I am an idiot that can't read for myself???

  7. Amazing character. For someone like me with relatively good aim, its nice to use this one for rushing and a bit of soloing I would say.

  8. Cool video thanks. Btw buat temen2 dari indo boleh mampir ke channel gw, ada video penjelasan skill semua agent di valorant dan tentunya bahasa indonesia. Thanks 😁😁

  9. Man, why can't games like Overwatch, Apex or Valorant be third person.. I would actually like to see the hero I am playing.. 🙁


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