Unlocking all the characters! | Prey: Mooncrash DLC #2


YOU SPIN ME RIGHT ROUND, BABY, RIGHT ROUND. That song fits prey way to much. Anyway heres me unlocking all crew members, it can also be used somewhat as a tutorial.

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Originally Recorded – 6/12/18

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  1. I'm honestly really surprised on how much likes you have!xD I thought you were going to have 1k or something, but it turns out it only 100 😮

  2. You guys know how much fun is it to mess with others at home with your Typhon-Gate + Typhon combo?

    yes I got my own typhon, but it's not a phantom, something more… i dunno

  3. Oh, hey. You're the dude who streamed following E3. I knew your name was Black something-or-other. I bought the DLC and finished it last night. Over all, I liked it, but the story was a bit convoluted in terms of what is and isn't canonical between the characters' escapes and their stories. For instance, the Security Offier and the Volunteer both have stories that have two different characters launching an escape pod when there is only one escape pod functioning in the game.

    But anyway, thanks for your stream, as it convinced me to get the game and I had a good time during most of my time with it. =) Also, Flamingo will never be forgotten.


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