Ultra Modded Skyrim – Ep 1 – Building the Ultimate Game


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Amidianborn Book of Silence
Climates of Tamriel
Supreme Storms
Enhanced Lights and FX
Static Mesh Improvement Mod
Succubus Race
The Eyes of Beauty
No Bethesda Intro
Enhanced Character Edit
SG Hairpack
ShowRaceMenu Precache Killer
Nouserhere’s Ears
Realvision ENB
Alternate Start – Live Another Life
Caliente’s Female Body Mod Big Bottom Edition
Killer Keo’s Skimpy CBBE
Face Light
Eryniel Elf Reborn
Wet and Cold
Wet and Cold – Holidays
Immersive HUD
Mfg Console
360 Walk Run Plus
A Matter of Time
Achieve That
Helmet Toggle
Skyrim Redone
The Dance of Death
Even Better Quest Objectives
Unofficial Skyrim Patch
Unofficial Dawnguard Patch
Unofficial Hearthfire Patch
Unofficial Dragonborn Patch
Unofficial High Resolution Patch
XP32 Maximum Skeleton
Female Facial Animation
YY Anim Replacer – Mystic Knight
TBBP Still Idle Animation
The TBBP Animation of Dragonfly
Tropical Skyrim
Tropical Skyrim Architecture Overheaul
Fores New Idles in Skyrim
Pinup Poser
Shadowfake Save Game

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  1. Which mod or setting makes her run like that? I tried almost everything. Did anyone mention it in the comments?

  2. And it's not unrealistic that Skyrim couldn't have been tropical at some point. Or much later. Or on a parallel Nirn where Skyrim is tropical. Lawyered. I'm not a lawyer.

  3. i kinda wish the list was linked to the pages he got the mods from. it's a pain to try to find specific mods now that the Nexus changed it's format.

  4. If it's such a pain in the ass to edit the censoring of naked bitches then just dont edit or censor..just play and show it..that simple..

  5. ….seriously none of you eagle eyed folks picked up on that you can see her breath? That isn't immersive…

  6. Ty MxR for your good work!
    it needet only looking the last 10 Skyrim Mods – Weeks looking from your list that brought me back to Skyrim
    So far i am done with downloading your list. The game is not even starting 😀

  7. Skyrim: Not a good idea to fight a guard at level one. Morrowind: not a good idea to fight a guard at level 10

  8. I know this is an old video but if someone who is still watching, can you explain how can mxr use racemenu and enhanced character edit at the same time?


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