Ultimate Challenge: RANGERS ONLY Achievement! | They Are Billions Modded Mayor Gameplay


Trying the ultimate challenge today in They Are Billions: Rangers Only! In this challenge we can’t make anything but Rangers and no attack towers (Ballista, Shocking Towers, Executors) so we’ll have to rely on well thought out defenses and thousands of Rangers! Many shall perish, many games shall be lost, but we will endure and survive! Hopefully…
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Ultimate Challenge: RANGERS ONLY Achievement! | They Are Billions Modded Mayor Gameplay

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About They Are Billions:
They Are Billions is a Steampunk strategy game set on a post-apocalyptic planet. Build and defend colonies to survive against the billions of the infected that seek to annihilate the few remaining living humans. Can humanity survive after the zombie apocalypse?
In my videos, typically I only cover the final wave in which billions of zombies come to try and destroy your Command Center while trying out crazy strategies. From making 2000 snipers, hundreds of Titans, Shock Towers Only, you name it; I like to have fun and try some crazy stuff! I don’t really go over beating the game, or necessarily make the ‘Best Defense Possible’ because I aim to make these videos as epic and entertaining as possible.
Of course, whenever They Are Billions gets a new update I will cover that as well. Since They Are Billions is still in Beta, the game will be getting plenty more updates including new towers, new zombies, new wonders, a campaign, and much much more!
When covering these updates, I’ll show off what the new updates add to the game as well as try to do something crazy against the final wave as well.
They Are Billions custom map gameplay is a big thing now too since the release of the custom map editor in the new update. The map editor allows anyone to make any scenario in They Are Billions, from having 100 giants attack at once to spawning in a thousand Rangers!

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  1. Hope you guys enjoyed!
    Let me know any other challenge ideas you have or which Steam Achievement I should go for next!

  2. Congratulations! You have created a magnificent city that weathered the apocalypse with naught but walls and rangers.
    Too bad all the food is gone. Oh well.

  3. I wonder if a no units challenge is possible. You can use the initial units, but you have to use towers to expand. The challenge would be in clearing the map and killing giants before the final wave.

  4. Kibitz: This did no to plan exactly
    Giant: heads to rangers and slaughter a few
    Kibitz: NO NO NO NO NO NO!
    Meh: Laughing meh head off

  5. My sympathies for playing all ranger. Nice job all around.

    The trick for machinegun rangers is timing; stop hold stop hold… They can kill anything, within reason of course.

  6. …..Can't you use towers for the unit only achievements? Isn't that why you got the no towers needed achievement as well as the rangers only achievement????

  7. I hate it when there is 3 Vods next to eachother each will trigger eachother so clearing one is like clearing all three at the same time.

  8. When I first tried to do this(only 100% though) I noticed ~25 rangers could handle a VOD and attacking 1 VOD triggers ALL other VODs to send mini waves (which doomed me since I didn’t realize that happened)

  9. Beeing the only male soldier on earth, surrounded by women in a zombie apocalypse. You have to ceep him alive Kibitz, he has the time of his life!

    Legit.. it was the only way I could do this Achievement and the Soldier one. I'm still stuck on the No Tower 200+% Achievement. But I'm also, not very good.

  11. Kibz i got one idea for the channel how about a Divinity original sin 2 walkthrough ? think about it if u like it and keep up buddy hugs 😀

  12. I should watch this series from the beginning. It will take a long time to see 90 episodes but I think it's worth trying


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