Top 10 Video Game Assassins


Watch your back, you never know who might be behind you with a hidden blade! Join as we countdown our picks for the Top 10 Video Game Assassins. Check us out at and

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  1. Rikimaru is number 1 for me and always will be. With what qualities those characters chosen? Rikimaru is unequal

  2. In my opinion, Connor from AC3 is the best assassin and one of the best video game characters as a whole. He is near perfect as he is cool, tough and a badass but also tragic and sometimes brash to others. Utter brilliance!

  3. Where is dead shot he has the biggest arsenal of guns and can shoot from any distance and 47 so deserved to be in that list

  4. •Agent 47 can kill the vice president and another assassin solo without anybody noticing despite tight security in the FREAKIN' WHITE HOUSE! (Hitman Blood Money: Amendment XXV)
    •Agent 47 can penentrate the higly equiped and skilled Agency and kill the division chief Benjamin Travis without anybody noticing. (Hitman Absolution: Epilogue: Absolution)
    •Agent 47 can wage war between two triads by framing murders on them without nobody noticing (Hitman Codename 47: [I forgot the name of the mission 😁])
    •Agent 47 can kill one of the strongest underground wrestlers, Sanchez in a wrestling match disguised as another wrestler. (Hitman Absolution: Fight Night)
    •Agent 47 can kill his leading competitor assassin in a duel. (Hitman Blood Money: A Dance with the Devil)
    •Agent 47 can penentrate an army of superior and loyal 48 series clones and kill his own creator by snapping his neck. (Hitman Codename 47: Meet your brother)
    •Despite all these, he can still show a human side of his by saving his friend and mentor, Father Vittorio in Gotrano, Sicily, BY KILLING SERGEI ZOVOROTKO WHO'S PROTECTED BY AN ARMY OF HIS BODY GUARDS! (Hitman 2 Silent Assassin : Redemption at Gotrano)

    And yet some of you are yelling Ezio should be the number one assassin!😂


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