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Are you #TeamBen or #TeamSean?! Check out this awesome The Lodge interactive video and answer the questions to find out! Comment below which team you got! 😜

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The Lodge

Skye is swapping life in the city for a new adventure living in the countryside with her dad at her family’s country hotel, North Star Lodge. It is not long before her new life becomes a lot more complicated than she expected…after all, how can you make friends with the local girls when it turns out you’re actually their boss? And how can you work out which of the local boys are really into you when the ‘My Amazing Life’ reality TV crew is filming your every move?

Add to this the fact that Skye’s mum, who grew up at the Lodge, only died a year ago, leaving a very mysterious past. To top it all off, Skye’s got to save the North Star Lodge from shutting down for good! With the help of her family and friends (new and old!), she has heaps of fun, laughs and adventures getting used to her new home in the countryside.

This brilliant new musical drama set in the UK features many original songs performed by the cast of The Lodge including; Believe That (performed by Jade Alleyne, who plays Kaylee); Starting Over, Starting Now, sung by Skye (Sophie Simnett), It’s My Time sung by the cast, and If You Only Knew (also performed by Jade Alleyne).

Who’s Who

Skye (Sophie Simnett) is our heroine. She’s passionate, really creative and a genuinely lovely girl with a bubbly personality, so it’s no surprise when she quickly makes great friends (and more) at the North Star Lodge! After plenty of love triangle drama, Skye has to pick whether she is #TeamBen or #TeamSean – it’s a big decision to make!

Josh (Joshua Sinclair-Evans) is Skye’s best friend from the city and he LOVES a bit of social media! Josh is ever present in Skye’s new life via video calls (check them out here: and he keeps the rest of the world up to-date on the latest comings and goings at The Lodge via his very own vlog, Josh Goss (click here to check them out:

Sean (Thomas Doherty) is a local boy who wants to take his passion for mountain biking to the next level, but first he has to convince his Dad, who thinks his time would be better spent taking over the family property development business. After Sean starts falling for Skye, he gets caught in the moment and kisses her! Now Skye is even more confused about which boy she should go out with (and you’ll have to watch to find out!)

Ben (Luke Newton) is Sean’s best mate. He loves the outdoors too, but his job fixing things up at The Lodge sometimes gets in the way – not to mention his feelings for Skye. Can Sean and Ben stay friends after they both fall for the same girl?

Kaylee (Jade Alleyne) is a massively talented singer who doesn’t have much confidence in her own abilities. Despite Skye being her boss, they soon become great friends. After performing live on stage at The Lodge, Kaylee decides to take a leap into life in the big city, putting her singing skills to the test at music school!

Noah (Jayden Revri) is a DJ and also works at the North Star lodge. He loves mixing songs for Kaylee, his bestie (or maybe even his crush…), to sing to. How do you think he will cope now that Kaylee has left The Lodge for music school?

Danielle (Bethan Wright) is a fashionista. She’s a bit of an attention-seeker, seeing herself as a bit of a star. She always has her eye on the big picture and how she can be a success. She was Sean’s girlfriend until things took an interesting turn in the love triangle between Skye, Thomas and Ben

Alex (Mia Jenkins) is the new girl on the block. She loves skateboarding and is totally chill, free-spirited and independent but there’s more to her than meets the eye…


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