The BEST Nintendo DS Game Money Can Buy!?


520 in 1 Game:
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  1. best ds game = R4 card

    Lmao. How the hell can you own a NDS and not every have heard or seen the R4/Gateway cards.

  2. I might get one of these. 16 pounds? Seems pretty affordable. But I'm definitely gonna wipe the card, replace the UI with TwilightMenu, throw my game backups on there, etc.

  3. As much as i would buy this, it would be a hack and it could do some weird things to your handheld. Id reccomend buy the normal cartridge of what game you wanted for your ds or 3ds becuase it could hack your system. And sure it saves but whats really going on in that little piece of plastic? WHATS really going on inside YOUR Ds or 3ds…. just saying…. also to all the DeDeDe fans HEH.

  4. I mean who cares if it’s not legal atleast it has 500 games maybe not legit but it’s legit the same as the legit ones

  5. If your memory card gets erased by chance you can reinstall the firmware from here:


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