The Astanine Home! – Let's Play Stellaris ROMAN EMPIRE – Ep.15 – Modded Gameplay


We’re starting our new Let’s Play for Stellaris 2.7 Federations! – We’re playing as an alternate Roman Empire with several unique mods and custom species to make the game more immersive and cinematic. In this episode, we discover the homeworld of the Astanine
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  1. So, that space race event (I think it was an event) made me realize something…where the hell are the Olympic games? The Greeks may have been the ones who invented them, but the Romans were big on them too, so you'd think they would have brought them into space with them. Of course, being this video is two weeks old, this may have been brought up in a future one, but just in case….

  2. Most potent, grave and revered Senators. In most addresses I make before this assembly I am healthy detached and distant from the events I speak of. But I have only just recently returned from Elysium, and to speak of events there after hearing of the devastation wrought by the Vazurans, you will forgive me if I ask you bear with me if I must pause during my address to compose myself.

    I have said it before fellow Senators, “Civis Romanus Sum”, were not the men and women of Elysium Roman citizens? Were they not deserving of the protection those words have long promised?

    Mine was not the only voice to council proactive measures be pursued in countering the Vazuran threat. My shock and anger was not the only one heard in this forum when the extent of our defencelessness and unpreparedness was made known to us. I ask you, Senators, how many times must the lesson be learned? We cannot fight wars abroad while neglecting our defences at home.

    Yet it seems the Augusta disagrees. Even now she still prepares for wars of expansion in the east. Wars that, even if they are successful, will only serve to diminish our forces, drain our treasury, and leave us with more systems and worlds we cannot defend against the Vazuran menace.

    As I have already told you Senators, I and my family was just recently on Elysium. We went at the invitation of Bracius II Veteles and his father, who desired a number of speakers to make addresses to the good, hardworking labourers there, every one a Roman citizen. The occasion was a public holiday honouring both Vulcan, and the alloy factory labourers and their families that are the cornerstone of that world’s prosperity.

    I spoke to them of Caesar Augustus the first. Of his pride in how he had transformed Rome from, as he said “A city of brick, into a city of marble”. I told them how they could well boast the same. . . . . . . . . . . How they too, with great works the equal of Hercules, had built the empire into an empire of steel-titanium alloys. Of how the empire was armed . . . . . . . . . . and guarded, by ships built by their toil, tears and sweat.

    While I am happy to report that myself and my family are safe, I have yet to hear from any of the gens Veteles as to their safety or fate. But Senators, I am honoured to say I have met the people of Elysium, and they are as noble a people as can be found in any corner of earth. Not in Rome or Kyoto or Benin will you find people more warm or welcoming as I found in Elysium. They will overcome this disaster, as did our noble ancestors overcome the disasters inflicted upon them by Hannibal.

    I call on the Noble Augusta, and on you Senators, to postpone this reckless march to war. Let us devote our recourses to rebuilding our worlds and arming ourselves with the weapons and technology necessary to ensure that such a disaster as what occurred on Elysium will ever happen again. And may offerings be made to to the temples of Vulcan, that he should aid us in this endeavour.

    Marcus Furius Regulus Australianus

  3. Romans! The old empire was built upon conquest and yet time and again our leaders reject military technology in favour of science and exploration. How can we become the number one force if we continue to allow our fleet to consist of small shios with no speed and weak weapons. We must focus our wealth upon the military and scrap the redundant science fleet.

  4. in regards to the baol- maybe get a mod that lets you set what jobs a free species can have: like limiting the baol to farming jobs perhaps?

  5. 2 Years before the Vazuran Invasion of Elysium

    The Veteles family has grown and completely revamped the forgery process. Elysium’s population boomed closed to 41 Billion. The new Robots and Adeex made good clerks, for the commercial zones. Bracius I made sure that the new fleet upgrade order of 3494 Billion Alloys, became a tremendous economical challenge for Elysium. The new Equites Class Destroyers being the face of their propaganda movement, to migrate workers to Elysium’s Forgery Cities.

    Young Alexander II, (now in his 40s and recovered from his burn wounds from Aegyptus) having the best medical work done to him. Had taken pretty much over the family’s business. His father Senator Bracius Alexander Veteles I, in his final years. Bracius had payed for medical treatment, that made it possible for him to still be active, for a man in his late 90s.
    Senator Bracius I, taking up position in the Senate while Alexander II, saw to the Forgery and Design of ships at Forge HQ.
    During this time they groomed a new man to be Governor of Elysium, the researcher Autus Hosidius (Age 39)

    2280.04.12 A month later, on the 11th of October, 4 days before the Vazuran’s are detected in the Elysium system

    Governor Agrippa Pacilius dies at the age of 66, due to unknown circumstances and is replaced by Autus Hosidius, the right hand man of Alexander Veteles II. The Veteles family rejoices and throws a banquet party In honour of the new Election. It was widely known that Bracius and Agrippa didn’t see eye to eye, he would however never kill the man Agrippa.This was sadly the last day, that The whole Veteles family and Senators of Elysium’s Elite celebrated together.

    15th of October, a Vazuran Raiders Rift is detected in the Elysium System.

*The citizens of Rome are shocked. This is the third time that they have attacked our planets. The Senate debates if to send the fleet, but that would take over a year. Elysium is told to fend for itself. *
    Elysium prepares its defences.

    (Please read Jordans post “Senator Jamarcus Leonhardicus”) for a detailed invasion of Elysium. I will be filling in the Veteles families part and will refer to his parts in my story.)

    17th of November 2280, the day of the Vazuran Invasion

The planet is in full defence mode.
    Bracius I, Alexander II and Autus are having a meeting with their 
Limitanei Legion Commanders.
    Bracius I speaks;
“We have tried to evacuate as many people as possible but it won’t suffice. We have 42 Billion Romans on this planet. Sen. Jamarcus has taken over command of the main defence force and is taking care of things in the West. We will focus on holding the Eastern river bank and city districts.”
    He takes a moment to breath
“I am honestly scared. I cannot believe they won’t even try to send us any ships to defend. We are the great planet of Elysium, the greatest alloy manufactures and artists, Rome has ever seen. We will have to fight till the last man.”

    Bracius I looks at Autus

    “Autus, I have received communications from the RIA that they will be sending help. You will be evacuated with the rest of our families. Alexander II and I will stay on here with the Legions to defend”
    Autus takes a moment and nods his head in acknowledgement.

    Bracius I then turns to Alexander II and his Legion Commanders.

    “I need 5 Divisions going to position 56th Cohort in the deep jungles with Alexander II meeting with the Sentinals. We should be able to create a safe zone there. I will stay here in the capital with Jamarcus to defend our homes.”

    Alexander II takes a moment to speak up, looking concerned.

    “But father you are too old. Even with your cybernetic enhancements you won’t be able to hold off a Vazuran raider. You must come with me. Please don’t stay here. Think of mom and your grandchildren.”

    Bracius I, has tears coming out of his eyes but keeps a firm posture. He moves forward to embrace Alexander II and whispers in his ear.

    “My son. There comes a day, in every Romans life, where they must answer for all what they have done. Today. Is that day.

    Bracius I takes Alexander II face in his hands and takes a good look at his son’s face.
    Bracius I then puts on his Senator mode for one last time and signals for the troops to get the gunships and move out.
    27th of December 2280. The Battle has been going on for more than a month.
    Zero has successfully evacuated most of the VIPs, including the Veteles Family and Governor Autus family too.
(Please see Zeros post about the RIA, I am just filling in the Veteles family part)
    Alexander II has successfully set up a defensive camp in the deep jungles with the Sentinals.
    They have been able to hold most of the assault and have only lost 2 divisions. He is in constant contact with the Senator Taurus and his father Senator Bracius I.
    He calls his father Bracius I.
    “Father how goes in the city? We are holding strong and the civilians are safe. Our numbers are slowly going down but we are holding.”
    The hologram image of Bracius I, is distorted and hard to make out what is being said

    Alexander, we …… stuck in…. e house. They ha……ptured us.”

    Alexander II understand that something terribly wrong
    Suddenly a Vazuran Captains takes over the image and speaks, the image clear as day

    “You must be the Alexander II The Great, Titanslayer of Aegyptus.”

    He laughs at the image of Alexander and starts to mock him
    “I recently shot a little human child saying that you will defeat us. I don’t see you anywhere. All I see is your puny little father on his knees and your main army has been pushed back to the Western bank and are fighting of hoards of dropship and transportships.”
    It turns out, the Vazuran Death Squad has caught Senator Bracius I and his last Legion on their last stand. Hundreds of civilians screaming and 45 Legionaires beaten to the ground.

    Alexander II speaks up, agitation in his voice
“You beast, I will personally come and show you what a Roman is made off. 
Now let the prisoners go. They are not fighting back.”
    Bracius I speaks up and shows up on the hologram

    “Alexander, Don’t listen to him. Fight back and protect Elysium”

    The Vazuran captain turns around and kicks Bracius I, straight in the face, knocking him on all fours.

    Bracius I takes off his helmet and tries to get out some words
“ Alexander, I never told you that I lov…”

    The Vazuran Captain crushes Bracius I head under his boot

    Alexander II can’t believe what he just saw, he suddenly screams out in anger and destroy the hologram
    Some of the Legionaries saw what happened and sedate him, taking him to the medical tent for anti-shock treatment.

(See Jordans post, he has a parallel battle going on. “Senator Jamarcus Leonhardicus. He sees the death of Senator Bracius Alexander Veteles the first)

14th of February, almost 3 months after the death of Senator Bracius I.

    Alexander II and the rest of the Veteles family is devastated. But the battles has been raging on. For some type of miracle they have been able to survive with 3 Legio and have been saving more and more civilians by the day.
    *Due to Alexander fighting against the Titans on Aegyptus he had made good use of the gigantic Sentinals and set them up, into the only entry ways into the jungles. Making it nearly impossible for the Vazuran to enter.

    He had received reports from Sen. Jamarcus that the last few transportship will be heading out way with Taurus on boardAlexander II knew that this last group of civilians would be the last people they can safe.
    He had also heard about the marriage between Taurus and Octavia and congratulated them with a hologram message

    (Next comment)

  6. I think this only goes to show that in the reign of the next emperor, there needs to be a Praetorian defence fleet. or.. perhaps split the Empire in two, where one fleet defends one and another the other.

  7. IMO, you should divide more your patrols fleet and have them have shorter routes for each
    I feel like 2 ship dedicated to Sol/Zosma and another 2 for Zosma/Augusta should do the trick
    Alongside a Barnard/Trappist and a Trappist/Gaia with the same set up
    Maybe a Gargantua/Errai may become necessary

    Also, considering the amount of raid and importance of some colonies, it might be wise to start and set up some more Starbases withactual defense platforms on them.

    You should also have your planets near constantly building new buildings to provide jobs in advance, you have well over 13k Minerals which is more than enough to sustain that.
    You can alse sell a part of it to get back your energy. I'd recommend maybe selling a few hundreds every now and then for maximum profits.
    Perhaps even looking for a trade agreement with some other empires

  8. Who has watched the BBC series “Space Race”? And who immediately thought of that series when the space race event started?

  9. You can name your smaller forces that don’t rise to the level of a legion or classis a “vexillatio” instead. It’s what the Romans called a smaller force acting independently of its mother legion, could work for fleets as well.

  10. Recommendation for names:
    Instead of Pompey-class, you can rename the patrol ships "Auxilia" or "Auxiliary" or "Rorarii" given the nature of the actual Auxiliary legions in the past as border guards and patrol in peace time and "Rorarii" as the active urban police force. Alternatively you can rename a Corvette class that anyway.
    For Future Corvette types:
    – Rorarii
    – Auxilia
    – Praetoria(n)
    – Triarii
    – Extrordinarii
    For future Destroyer/Cruiser types:
    – Equites
    – Extrodinarii Equites
    – Auxilia Equites
    – Cataphractii
    – Clibanarii
    For larger ships:
    – Marian (Marius) class
    – Sulla class
    – Augustus class
    – Julian class
    – Pompey class
    – Crassus class
    – Romulus class

  11. Time to build defensive starbases over the important worlds, defend against raiders, but also protect the trade routes, without the need of ships

  12. The Astinine quest reads as though it was ran through google translate rather than human review.
    Loving the series, keep it up!

  13. Senators and countrymen. I stand here today to mirror the actions of my party, many others in the senate and across the empire. To criticize our government's current failure of actions regarding the security of Rome's people. I speak (of course) upon the recent Elysium massacre. Although fatalities are currently being counted, they are well above the seventh digit. We should ashamed! For how much longer will we allow such a bloodbath to occur every decade – all while we sit fat and happy in the senate chambers eating grapes and novafruit stained with Elysian blood, arguing over the the rights of such and such species, overruling the say of our own appointed Empress? Do we not all burn beneath the fire of Progenitor auto-cannons? Moreso, we sit in such a 'circlejerk', all while the answers to such constant tragedy are dangled in front of our noses! Long has our government been unwilling to invest in technologies such as orbital shields to protect our populace and faster jump drives to maneuver our fleet, yet refuse to pursue such technological strides all due to the fear of the time necessary to make such advancements. Instead, they choose to focus on the possibility petty war against the Norilga; all while our nation's bureaucrats are forced far beyond their limits. To simply renew my private Holo-line* license took me weeks, and even then I was classified under the incorrect sex. What does that say about us as a nation – when we are unable to provide for those in need within our own borders, yet our primary objective is only to grow them? I stand in front of you today not as a senator of this nation, but as a Roman – a Roman who is ashamed of our government's failure to act.

    -Senator Matia Adjutor
    ; Xeno Reform League
    [Name W.I.P]
    *Holo-line©, a proud Roman Gvrt. Corporation! ˢᵘᵇˢᶦᵈᶦᵃʳʸ ᵒᶠ ᵗʰᵉ ᴷᵒʲᵘᵘʳ ᵀʳᵃᵈᵉ ᴸᵉᵃᵍᵘᵉ™®℠🄮

  14. *Magistratum Iacobus Suecia Tarrasium makes his stand infront of masses of pleps in the city districts that makes up the region known as Scania, in uproar over the news over the devestration brought upon Elysium*
    ''Citizens! I bid for calm and unity in the wake of this desecration of Roman territory from the barbaric xeno scum who slew- Nay, MURDERED our fellow Romans! I bid for your call to enter the Senate of Rome, and I will personally call for our beloved Empress and the Senate to make lasting changes to ensure there will NEVER be another Elysium! We must secure our borders and ensure the Xeno scum can never threaten our homes, damage our economy and murder our fellow romans! ROMA INVICTA!''
    Iacobus takes forth a new document beside the Elysium
    ''On regards of the beings known as the Nu-Baol, I've considered much on them. They may not be Romans, but they could well as be the very servents of great and glorious Diana themselves! For has their work not unabled us to colonise worlds once considered unliveable, to flourishing worlds benefical to the Empire? Have they not given us the boutiful harvest that feed the billions of Romans across the empire? I propose the motion to give them the residency of the Roman Empire and allow them to be part of the cults of Diana!''

  15. If I my partition my emperor to listen. 49% of the senate wished to make the baol residents of the empire wile 51% wanted to exterminate or enslave them, so if u where to try and please both sides u might want to look in to what type of slavery u are keeping them in and maybe give them a easier life as slave by increasing there slave rights, this will most likely pleasing the 49% that wish to free them wile still listening to the 51% and not removing there slave status, since i seem to remeber there was only a small fraction that wanted them totally exterminated. Also this constant raids on our worlds need to come to an end, if the fleet is to slow maybe we should invest in bastions to protect our worlds they will also protect from pirates and other vermin that might be out there in our galaxy.

  16. Empress will you not at least consider evacuation of the people on the raided systems? Can we not at least spare their lives if we do not have the ability to stop these invaders?

  17. Senators today we learned of the horrific raid of Elysium. For too long we have been idle! We need to bolster our defenses! Our scientific community has told us about the the possibility of planetary shields: I would argue these are of utmost importance! Think about what an attack on Tiberium or, even worse, Terra would do? Billions of Roman citizens would die and it would take us decades to recover. We cannot let this happen, the heartland of the Roman Empire needs to be defended!

  18. Really loving the playthorugh, keeep it up! A few things that might help: the passive effect of Relics is, well, passive, that is it works all times, even when you don't activate it, so you get the 10% pop growth at all times. The xenophile faction will continue to grow as long as you have slaves, because the slaves themselves will join it (unsurprisingly they'll not like being slaves) and generate sympathy; you can control which species grow if you have growth controls enabled. Gene clinics are really good everywhere as they provide pop growth and ameneties. Your piracy problems are not solved just because you have 100% of trade: the red skulls next to the planets show that piracy is rising; consider getting when possible the tech that unlocks hangar bays, they are a weapon building for stations, like the guns and missiles and counter piracy very well; the amount of piracy depends on the trade value, the higher the worse it gets, and Barnard Star is very close to Terra, so it has a lot of "accumulated" trade value. Overall I think you need to buff the economy a little bit more as you are approaching the midgame when all sort of stuff Khan happen 😉

  19. Being a Xenophobe of any degree is making accepting any Xenos very difficult. Any not enslaved Pop will be very inefficient and creating a lot of problems by making other pops unhappy. Simulating the Roman Republic or Empire would have been better without the Xenophobe ethic in Stellaris. It's still doable but maybe consider shifting away from Xenophobia in the future by embracing the Xenophile faction.
    You will be then neutral and the problems will be solved almost entirely.
    Also you could use the now free ethics point to shift towards something more useful or fitting.


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