The Alt-Right Playbook: How to Radicalize a Normie



Primary sources for this video were:
Alt-America, by David Neiwert
Healing from Hate, by Michael Kimmel*
Terror, Love and Brainwashing, by Alexandra Stein

*Kimmel’s book was purchased before the sexual harassment accusations against him were made; the book is good but I do not endorse the writer.

You can read my livetweets on Alt-America here:

Other major sources:
How fascists get red-pilled:
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The Daily Stormer’s handbook (once again):
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Additional citations:
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  1. Have we considered that many become disenfranchised and unintentionally step right due to sheer exhaustion? I don't know man, I've always loved discourse, but recently, being on the left has seemed so… tiring. It feels like a lot of mental gymnastics to keep up with, and yet I feel as if stepping away from politics would be a bad thing because it's viewed as a step to the right. I know all the arguments inside and out, I'm a leftist, I'm one of the good guys, yay, but godDAMN am I fucking tired of this shit man. Can I watch Chris Ray Gun ranting about Halo without thinking about how I'm at an entrance to alt-right pipeline? Can I watch pewdiepie play minecraft and love the warmth and nostalgia it brings me, reminding me of more innocent times without the bitter taste of the outermost layer of an onion in my mouth?

    I just wish breadtube could be less of a dry and pretentious asshat about everything all the time. I know that the thing that we argue and believe are morally just, but we're all only human here. Maybe sometimes I want to be able to enjoy something that's "dangerous" or "problematic," or, god forbid, "edgy." Maybe I when I say "I don't want politics in my video games" what I mean is "perhaps try a little harder to make a good game/story and not just make a low effort vehicle for your ideology because this has the political subtlety of a fucking freight train and it's reminding me of the divisive topics of everyday life in away that makes any form of escapism or relaxation impossible."

    The left needs to take some responsibility for the radicalization of these young men here. No, white men are not marginalized or discriminated against in any meaningful way, but of course being blamed (mostly rightfully) for most of histories ills isn't gonna go over particularly well with a defensive and insecure young teenager. I should know. I was that teenager, one upon a time.

    It's really the little things, too, for instance, referring nerdy hobbies as "white boy shit" may be a funny joke to us, but to said white boys it's a simultaneous drawing of a connection between the left and the people who bully them for said hobbies and a way for them to claim more ownership over these hobbies, becoming more hostile to the progressives in their spaces and serving as another "wedge"' for lurking channers to exploit. We can do better than that.

  2. Man, I agree with almost this entire video, it's really well done. Except for one thing. I do not believe that the chronic male loneliness in society today is caused solely by the toxic masculinity of the patriarchy. Of course, I don't believe it's because women are slutty, but honestly I've never met a man in my entire life who was anything but empathetic, sympathetic, and helpful about the loneliness many modern young men face. But I've met plenty of women who have no patience to even have a conversation about the problems men face. I understand that personal experience cannot be used to make generalizations or sweeping statements about society, but as nice of an ideal as that is, I have yet to encounter an argument compelling enough to defeat the prevalence of my personal experience in my mind.

  3. If you want to radicalize a normie towards the right, all you have to do is expose all the nonsense the left is currently doing. Like subjective gender, manspreading, attempts to impose gender-neutral pronouns, white privilege, considering that freedom of speech is overrated, etc. So yes, left: unfortunately, you are doing a pretty good job artificially polarizing society.

  4. I don't think it's entirely fair to group Joe Rogan in with a lot of those other content creators; he shat all over Milo Yiannopoulos when he had him on, called Ben Shapiro out on his homophobia, and was super respectful to Bernie, Andrew Yang, and Daryl Davis when he had them on. Yes his political guests tend to be right-leaning more often than not, but he's nowhere near as insular and radical as say, Paul Joseph Watson, who you've painted with the same brush.

  5. Wait… I haven’t listened to a lot of Joe Rogan, but I saw that he added it in to the collage of reactionary Youtubers. I mean, does he actually belong in the group with Crowder and such? I’ve been debating listening to his podcast

  6. I am not even from the US or from the west. But by watching all kinds of content from TYT, mainstream media, alt right channels, various leftist channels etc. My conclusion is that alt right is clearly in the right with most stuff being talked about. They are not perfect, but are more logical than most. Kill me if I deserve that, but that is what I concluded from watching plenty of mixed content.

  7. Je ne suis malheureusement pas certain que nous puissions prendre le temps de soigner les Gabe. Il faut peut-être recourir à une méthode plus expéditive.

  8. Sérieusement, les nazis sont objectivement des sous-hommes. Ils préconisent eux-mêmes l'extermination des sous-hommes. Il n'y a donc aucun obstacle moral à leur en faire bénéficier ! Mais qu'est-ce qu'on attend ?!?

  9. Il faudra très sérieusement s'occuper des créateurs de ces réseaux, de ces algorithmes et des promoteurs de la liberté d'expression absolue à la Libération. Et par "très sérieusement s'occuper", vous voyez ce que je veux dire.

  10. Overusing "white man" in every other sentence is why the left is broken. When the initial theories of wealth were coined in the west, the black/white dichotomy or men/women dichotomy weren't considered for a good reason; the lefts economic theory works just as well in predominately black societies and predominately female communities. While ideas about blacks in a predominately white society (racism) can push blacks to lower classes, and ideas about men and women create different routes up the class hierarchy for men and women (sexism), the very concept of "classes" was originally born on an analysis of white men vs white men because when these ideas were originally theorized they were theorized in a society almost exclusively "white" during a time most of the working class were men. One of the big failures of the left, I think, was creating a large, invisible "white man who do not match their white man stereotype" subgroup, who eventually organized to fight back against the prejudices and oppression. In western societies "white man" makes up a pretty large subsection of society and within that subsection exists a lot of disenfranchised groups, rendered invisible by the "white man" stereotype, and you only need an intersectional perspective to see what you created.
    And the intersectional subgroups include a lot of subgroups that weren't considered at the 2:51 mark.

    Poor, when the stereotype say rich.

    Short, when the stereotype say tall.

    Weak, when the stereotype say strong.

    Geeky, when the stereotype say cool.

    Powerless, when the stereotype say powerful.

    Bullied. Gingers. Overweight. Speech disorders.
    Born in small towns. Uneducated. Unattractive. Anxiety/depression/ptsd and other mental health issues. Unemployed. Lacking a connected family.

    By not recognizing, intersectionally, the disenfranchised subgroups within the "white men" category, the overuse of the "white man" stereotype is systemically (ironically) a part of toxic masculinity, creating a systemic pressure on "white men" to either be the stereotype, or be rendered completely invisible in the leftist narrative.

  11. What should I do if there's a Gabe in my life and I kind of already had a fight with him? Feels a bit unlikely that he's gonna listen to me after I lost my temper and called him an idiot for posting racist things…

  12. I'm amused that you used Pewdiepie's Fiver controversy as an example of something edgy that he "faced no real consequence for". He lost the media company he spent two years of his life building. You lose something you spent two years building and tell me that it's of no consequence, just because you didn't lose everything else.

  13. Do not be alt-right or alt left. I myself dislike modern feminist(dislike that few that want man be slave to women while doing nothing), SWJ and unregulated migration of populations, this does not mean there should not be protection for women and no regulated migration. Be real, you are influence by videos just like government using TV to Brain wash you. What is woke? Woke should be when you found out there is a better solution of doing things and not complaining about it. If you think the government is doing things that harm the nation, read more and go out and understand how it is going to harm the nation, instead of being on keyboard and just read other people opinions. #Blacklifematters? Why? why not #Alllifematters? I am not saying race problem is no longer here, but we need to know what is going on before we support it. My country which have so few blacks, have "influencer" "supporting" #Blacklifematters when they should look around and see how they can help other races of my country. Just like the rainbow thing that facebook implement few years ago, and people just change without knowing what it meant. Do not be a Sheep when it is about politics, and rights of any group.

  14. Found this in my recommended and it was interesting to see a different point of view. But when you said Pewdiepie was a Nazi I couldn’t help but laugh. Jordan Peterson, Ben Shapiro, Steven Crowder etc. are not neo nazis. If you genuinely think that watch their videos. Now I will agree that the right leaning skeptics on YouTube are really edgy and “Gabe” like, but to compare them to Nazis is a bit of a stretch. My friends and I enjoyed the “owning the libs” content when we were younger but now have a more balanced political view. Just so you know not every right leaning person agrees with every aspect or every person on our side. Not all of us ignore climate change and have a Karen attitude toward wearing a mask. Seeing other people’s world views is interesting though, but it is very weird to me that racist and fat shaming jokes are taken so seriously, they are jokes for fuck sake. Anyway, please don’t delete my comment because I have a differing view, that tends to happen on left leaning channels. Also everyone have a good day regardless of your political views

  15. hearing a lot of stories and i can't help but think that these people have traded a hateful ideology they used to ascribe to in order to feel validated for another ideology I have found to be just as hateful throughout my life.

  16. This is a really good video but for someone who has never watched one of your videos its very evident you have a very heavy left bias. As someone who considers themselves left, I dont think its fair to pair someone like Jordan Peterson (mildly conservative) with someone like Paul Joseph Watson

  17. The scary fact is that this shit starts young. I was getting recommended neo-nazi shit when i was in elementary school and was extremely radical until I managed to kick the bs out.

  18. God damn am I glad I didn’t go farther than armored skeptic and found the left before I got sucked into the alt right

  19. I feel like everyone gets to the point where they're like, "Wait, you guys are actually racist?", and you either decide to care or not care. Those who don't care go towards radicalism, and those who decide to distance from that become a decent part of society. 2014-2016 meme culture was a whole different beast.

  20. I'm sure being an alt-right radical is pretty bad, but I'm also sure being too far on the left is also pretty bad.
    Staying in the middle is the best thing you can do for yourself imo. Stick to your own ethics and don't get swayed by someone else's.

  21. This but with population control and Mass murder – Pro oil "environmentalism". I have broken a lot of people in this group through discussion of cow farts alone. Very sad situation.

  22. ALGORITHMS! – Should be all you need to know about this trend. I mean how could not already know the depth of their evil?

  23. The lesson here is: Don't use the algorithms unless you've established your personality. Otherwise, the algorithms will establish your personality for you. They just serve you more of what you already like.

  24. 17:25 A left-leaning Puerto Rican man who likes making edgy jokes and good counter points, and dated a progressive liberal youtube for about 2 years in a fairly good relationship is alt-right to you? Alrighty then.

  25. This video dissuades people to go into a radical path, which is very good. But also promotes going into another one, which is very hypocritical. Some of the examples he uses as tools of the alt-right are people that promote critical thinking and constantly recommend to doubt everything, even their own words.


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