Social Intelligence 101: How To Control The Frame


Social Intelligence 101: How To Control The Frame
How To Use Frame Control In Social Situations
How To Have Social Intelligence
How To Have A Strong Frame

I was recently reading the book “Pitch Anything” by Oren Klaff, and in that book he talks about the power of using FRAMES in any social situation.

It doesn’t matter if you’re pitching an idea to a board room of investors, selling a product, or approaching women in a bar…

No matter the situation, there will most likely always be conflicting “frames”

For example, you could view YOURself as the prize, whereas a women in a bar views HERself as the prize. So what happens when you approach her then?…

This is what’s called a “Frame Collision”, and the stronger frame (aka the High Value frame) will always win.

The way you know if your frame stronger is if the OTHER person with the conflicting frame starts REACTING to your frame.

In this video I teach you the exact exercise I make all of my top clients go through to always have the stronger frame.

Take action immediately… And be careful.

As the old guy from Spiderman once said, “With great power comes great responsibility.”

-Patrick James
America’s Charisma Consultant For Men

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  1. Great advice and greetings from a fellow Arizonan! Your point about reaction is exactly right, when I was younger I didn't realize how much I reacted to people instead of the other way around. It really makes a difference.

  2. I don't really get it what should i write down. Should i write what i really think going to happen when i approach a girl for example, or what i want to happen?

  3. so it's about knowing (/intuitively knowing) what is and isn't a part of your frame and not reacting to what isn't a part of it.

  4. I’ve came to a similar conclusion on how to more confidently control social all on my own and it falls in line with this perfectly. I’m definitely interesting in learning more about this perspective

  5. Just curious if everyone were charismatic, strong, has strong frame, would the world start getting vain? Or would strong become the new normal? Coz for a person's frame to be powerful, there needs to be another person with less power. Would that contribute to a 'dog eat dog' world, or would it motivate everyone to be the best version of themselves?

  6. You are wonderful, this was great Patrick, u made a contribution to the world to make it a better place. Helpful human, thanks brorher

  7. Before going for anything in which you can be rejected, visualize yourself in the scenario you want to be with the person you are approaching, like if its a girl at a bar then before actually talking to her see yourself in enjoying with her, see her having an amazing time with you as you are the source of energy and she is feeding on your infinite energy and then approach her!
    If you are selling a product then see yourself having already done multiple sales and even if this guy does not buys to it it will be his loss! So before going in any difficult situation, see yourself already conquered the situation!

  8. This sounds effective, but also sounds like manipulation or like I'm supposed to ignore my true personality and act like someone I'm not to get with girls I'm not compatible with.

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  11. So you tell people to write about their own reality and world view and at the same time you tell people the main point of what they should write about?

  12. But can two people have equally strong frames? Would that result in a stalemate/tie/truce? Or could it sometimes result in a mutually beneficial cooperación between the two frames that is harmonious and balaned? Is a power struggle really an unavoidable occurrance or can two parties each learn to re invent their own frames to compliment each other and still validate themselves simultaneously?

  13. I understand what you mean don't act so the person think they were right about you what they thought of you in the first place and don't give into their frame of mind so you prove to the person they were right about you


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