Should You Buy Satisfactory On Steam? [Satisfactory Game]


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Hello guys and welcome to another Satisfactory video. With the steam release tomorrow, in this video we’re looking at whether you should get this game if you haven’t already and more so, if you have it, should you get it again!

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For those who already have the game:
6:30 I start talking about whether your should get the game again.

The mod I show off is the refined power mod.
Special thanks goes to
Iamchicken and
Trunkyredstone for their parts in the video.

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  1. The moment 1 of the devs made the vid after the uproar over the epic exlucive deal and said " if you dont like it , to bad " that was it for me , dont care how good it is , dont care where it is now , fuck coffee stains ,. fuck there game , said back then , other games will come by the time its released on steam , and there are.

  2. i see alot of cool foundation related things in this video, are they mods? also how did oyu make the round tower? is it efficient?

  3. i od not like the epic, steam was my first love, i bought game when it came on steam, i have like 150 hours in it so far, at tier 5. oil confuses me, but i bought it on steam, so i can easily and conveniently give steam a lttle kiss on the lips and i get to come back to satisfactory after hours of thinking about rations and my love for steam. it is not often i fall in love, but i fell in love with steam instantly,

  4. I think I’ll pass for now. Satisfactory looks great, but a) going to Epic soured my enthusiasm, b) it’s still in Early Access, c) it’s only 10% off in the Steam summer sale, and d) I hear the online co-op is a bit unreliable?

  5. The only reason I got Epic is because my friend wanted me to play Fartnight with him… I dont even look at what they offer. I always buy on Steam as all my games are on there. I have been on steam for 15 years now so I do not need a new platform.

    If my daughter wants to play the game with me I ll buy a second copy from Steam again. not epic. THe worst mistake developers of Satisfactory would make would be Epic or steam specific content.

    I like the game.. I hope they do not mess it up like many others…

  6. I already bought the game on epic and i want to buy it on steam because i really don’t like the epic game launcher do i still get my saves

  7. Yeh, I bought the game the day it cane out on steam. I dislike epic, and to an extent other launchers. I prefer ro have as few of those as possible.. I had already been waiting for the game before they announced epic exclusivity, and it was rather disappointing news.
    Still, the game is fun, but it's not on a factorio level complexity and scaling. Yes you have third dimension, but the rest of the game pales in comparison to the factorio when it comes to building aspect. The map is small, but high quality hand crafted enviroment which is a blessing and a curse at the same time. I mean, it's well done and all, but once you have been everywhere, explored everything, there is nothing left to discover. Factorios map is just one infinitely expanding floor with cliffs (basically walls) that was water, resources and biters. Expansion is encouraged there on a whole another level, where satisfactory only encourages exploration. Also satisfactory doesn't have any endless researcher, so you will hit the wall that there is no real reason to build more, hence real need for expansion just dies. but resource nodes are infinite, Meaning set it and forget it can be done, but that's just how it has to be. If map isn't infinite, resources have to be. All in all, satisfactory is In my opinion the better game for more casual players, but if you are a real lunatic for building, expanding and optimizing more and more, factorio fits you better. Personally I have about 500 hrs spent on factorio, and only 70 for satisfactory..

  8. Just don't buy it. A couple weeks in, and I unlocked aluminum production. IT. DOESN'T. WORK. CORRECTLY. I'm sick of trying to balance this bullshit and pulling my hair out. Fuck it. Moving on. Not the worst $27 I've spent, but not worth the hassle for any game. Stupid weapons with ammo that requires insane amounts of resources for ammo.

  9. i have been waiting for it to come to steam. i can not stand epic and the anti-consumer practices they pull. plus i really dont want another game launcher on my pc. i have 4 already.

  10. TL;DR The Steam version requires you to link your SteamID to the Epic system and tons of data is send to Epic even if you tick the box "do not send" it's also an opt out option which is against US and European law. It should be opt in option to send data.

  11. I bought Satisfactory on the steam store the first day it was released. After saving my game and exiting for the first time, all I could think about is just how much raw potential this already amazing early access game has! The sky's the limit with this one. There's so many different ideas I came up with for this game, for the sake of time and space I'll only write my favorite one. In this idea of satisfactory the goal is to climb up the Kardashev scale eventually reaching type 3, unlocking hub upgrades would be how you "climb" the scale. The method of progression will stay the same, making factories! Once you've passed type 1 you would be at a point where you are finished with your first planet. the next step would be to go to different planets that have new environments and cool new looking things! "How would we get there" you ask?, possibly by upgrading the hub into a spaceship and *ZOOOMING*. You could get to type 3 and conquer a galaxy Satisfactory style by having a way to automate interplanetary travel, resource collection of the planet, and then the building of more interplanetary travel things from those resources!
    Don't even get me started on THE SCALE OF THINGS*, by this I mean, having a way to build and *SEE massive structures such as a Dyson sphere rather than being limited to our current "space elevator takes up 3 screens worth of space" in game FoV.
    I would love to read any other ideas anyone else has come up with!
    I'm sure there's plenty of people that have ideas for the future for this game. If you made it this far, I hope you have an amazing week!

  12. as for game comparison: you missed the Immersive Engineering mod for Minecraft
    as for all this early access crap: worst mistake valve ever made with the steam greenlight program – which all started this EA crap …
    as for the game itself: it's factorio in 3D

  13. I was introduced to this game from a channel called lets game it out. At the time it was already scheduled for a steam release. As I have an account for steam it was really a no brainer. I would love to see more Satisfactory content.

  14. I have been waiting for this game to hit Steam. I didn't want to buy any games on Epic because I already have so many on Steam.

  15. I think the only reason i could have to buy it on steam would be for better mods download because personnaly i struggle a little with mods

  16. Bought satisfactory on Jun10th. Since then, I've played 88 hours. I had to take a break and play other games after that, but I plan on returning with a vengeance.

  17. Never heard of it before, glad that I bought it when I first saw it on the front page of steam. Also, my brother, who said to my face that the game was lame when he first saw me played, tried the game and can't stop playing, hahaha.

  18. I lost my game on epic and as I had no receipt I lost it forever but on steam it’s linked to your account on a purchase history

  19. Hi TotalXclipse! This is my first comment ever on YouTube … and for good reason! I wanted to know if you have scheduled times/days for your livestreams? I watched one of your most recent 12h YouTube streams and wished I could have participated in the chat, too! Sorry I don't know how to find out an answer to my question if you've already put it out there, like I said I've never been impressed enough by a channel to learn how to connect with those I subscribe to you! "Ciao for now!"

  20. for future reference, when you say stuff like 2:08, please do point fingers, otherwise, why even mention it? I was interested


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