Shadowrun Review (Sega Genesis/MD) – The Best 16-Bit RPG? – Kim Justice


Shadowrun, a North American Sega Genesis exclusive, was the first open world game I ever played – and in this review, I explain why for me, it’s an RPG that will always be amongst my very favourite games. Enjoy!

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  1. This was my absolute favorite game as a kid. This game and the SNES game got me into Shadowrun. I've been working on a prequel to this game. It's UGC for the game Shadowrun: Dragonfall, and it's called "Brothers to the End". You play Michael and Stark, and it leads into the Sega game. I've put a ton of work into keeping true to the canon of the game, but also keeping within the canon of the existing Shadowrun universe. I'd love it if you guys would check it out and tell me what you think. Shadowrun for the Sega was so far ahead of it's time, and doesn't get near the love it truly deserves.

  2. I found this game on Sega Channel as well, I LOVED the world it introduced me to. I saw the first book in the Secrets of Power series and I recognized it only because of the Shadowrun logo– fell in love instantly with everything Shadowrun and I've been a life long fan since. Great review, Kim!

  3. All these years later I remember the opening screen cheat like I know my mothers name. It's instant! ABBACAB! 30 more years from now it'll still be there. There is no momentary "What was that code again?" It's there, burned into my Frontal Cortex, Forever…

  4. I just realised. At 9:12. Scaling! Sorry, am just obsessed at the moment with finding scaling and rotation in md games. This game is so incredibly immersive and the title screen is a thing of beauty.

    My first open world rpg was Ultima 4 on the Master System but that has an even steeper learning curve and it's simple tile based world will probably make anyone under 25 turn their noses up. But it is the most open, open world game ever.

  5. This game looks awesome 🙂 Cyberpunk is a niche genre, so it's always nice to find something 'new' like this. I think this will make a nice warm up for 'Cyberpunk 2077'.

  6. That picture at the end of the video is that from Mondooe fight Palace or what it used to be called tongue of the Fatman

  7. Shadowrun for the Sega Genesis was my game that's why I'm looking forward to cyberpunk 2077 in which I call Shadow Run Part 2 PS can you do a comparison between Shadowrun and cyberpunk 2077 review

  8. You ALWAYS want to go with the Yakuza? Um, no. Mafia is the way to go, because if you buy armor from them, you can sell it back to them for more than you paid for it. It's basically infinite nuyen for your character.

  9. An amazing game I still play to this day, even the cheat code is open ended and requires repetitive use to earn anything substantial. Truly an underrated classic

  10. I'm so glad you got to play this one. I grew up in Western Washington state, and had to play a crazy cyberpunk set in my neck of the woods. What a great, weird game. I never knew about the SNES version until I tried the rom later. I played the Sega one a lot. The only game I can think of that blew me away like that was Morrowind.

  11. Yeah this was one of the few games that made me jealous of Genesis owners back in the day. I like the SNES game but vastly prefer this one with one of the biggest factors being that in this game you can pretty much do as many shadowruns as you want while the SNES game was basically one long shadowrun or rather you finishing the run your character was in the middle of when the game started.

  12. This was very informative, especially coming from a late childhood that had the SNES version. I always imagined the MD version to be a lot "less" of a game, but this video definitely proved me wrong.

  13. God I loved this game……hours poured into it….loved the rpg even more…but this video game is still solidly in my memory!

  14. I loved SNES version, cause I had a snes… but this one was the superior version, though the SNES one was very unique

  15. Thanks for doing this review! Like you said this was definitely an eye opener and remains one of my favorite games to this day.


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