Satisfactory VS Factorio! WHO WILL WIN?


Satisfactory vs Factorio! Who will win in the ultimate battle between the factory builders? Today let’s look at these two amazing games – one out, one in development – and consider their strengths and weaknesses. Satisfactory is out next year (?), and Factorio you can play now. Despite the differences in game and gameplay, they share a lot of similarities. Which do you prefer?

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__What is Satisfactory?
An FPS open-world factory building sim. You play as an engineer on an alien planet as part of the ‘Save The Day’ program.

__What is Factorio?
Factorio is a game about building and creating automated factories to produce items of increasing complexity, within an infinite 2D world

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  1. Played both the games for generously long hours, only point i would agree on is the alleged graphical superiority (?), imo factorio is far superior in every aspect. I have over 2000 hours on factorio and i never really 'finished' the game, there is always some mod to research and SPM to boost.

  2. SO it definatlty sounds like satisfactory is factory with better graphics, 3d and dumbed down, that's to bad about that last part.

  3. Factorio is the second highest rated game on Steam according to SteamDB, it's in a totally different league than lame copycat Satisfactory.

  4. there is a think Factorio %100 good at
    any computer can handle Factorio but if you want yo play satisfactory you need a much better computer

  5. Having played 115 hours of Factorio and 60 of Satisfactory I gotta say rn my fav is Satisfactory. Mostly its just the relaxing nature and the fact that I enjoy casual play, which it is a little better at than factorio. Factorio is great but Satisfactory is just a lot less stressful for me.

  6. i think factorio only has 10% steam achievements of "completion" because mods disable achievements
    and mods are so much fun in this game

  7. I had factorio before satisfactory. I heard about Satisfactory from a friend of mine on twitch. He was talking about it when they were showing on it on their site. Its a fun game I have it now. Have been playing Satisfactory for a week now.

  8. I just download satisfactory early weeks and my rating is 6/10 this is quite horrible, why! my computer has i7 7gen and 1080ti with 32gb of ram. Satisfactory is heavy from graphics cant handle the game of course not graphic are only talking about the details for me factorio is majority to me 11/10 😂😂 factorio is a real engineer factory simulator, i dont care about graphics just to feel how factory be like

  9. Factorio seem like nice a game but the graphic leave a lot to be said about it.

    Now in defensive to Satisfactory and the fact this video is a year old. The game has come along way and many changes have occurred since then like the release of update #3 which is now in the experimental branch and being tested by us players. This new update introduce a new expanded fluid transport system through pipelines, new recipes, new Hyper transport tube system for our characters and much more.

    So I suggest that you checkout Satisfactory before deciding to go with Factorio.

  10. If you want something pretty, Satisfactory. If you want something where you can clock 1000+ hours and not get bored, Factorio.

  11. Factorio, just the top down view alone is so much better, allowing for a much better overview, I haven't played much of Satisfactory, but the back and forth collecting is so much more noticeable and quickly becomes annoying in 1st person, particularly early game, not sure if it gets better or easier in the later game.

  12. Basically, play satisfactory if factorio seems too overwhelming for you, or if you want more complexity, play factorio

  13. Factorio vs. Satisfactory === Terraria vs. Minecraft.

    One is 2D, the other is 3D.

    Ironic difference? The 2D one has more depth than the 3D.

  14. Those games are similar. BUT IMO the factorio will be always ahead. Satisfactory gave us 3D view. But the 3D view is not the best one for economy strategy games. The isometric view rules here and gives us clarity. Even IMO the satisfactory is still good one, I don't want to install thousands of clients into my PC. I will stay with Steam one or with the non-client games.

  15. I have spent over 2300 hours on Factorio, vanilla/no mods. One of my games went over 500 hours and became quite a large base. I will likely be skipping Satisfactory as it does not look like the kind of game I'd be spending more than 100 hours playing. I prefer complexity that stems from the interplay of simple elements rather than a lego-like approach with complex bits – as well as the whole 3d walking around bit… Don't get me wrong, Satisfactory does look enticing for a more fun and casual experience, but that just doesn't do it for me.

  16. I think the visuals in Factorio are better especially when combined with it's soundtrack. They are kind of creepy and depressing(it feels bittersweet building a factory to survive but having to pollute a planet to do so) which is more rare than the "oh what a beautiful world" approach that Satisfactory took. The music in Factorio is amazing and fits the visuals and feeling of the game very well. Satisfactorys music is kinda crap. I found myself muting the music while playing Satisfatory and putting on the Factorio sound track. I also really miss base defense.. I understand why they kept it out as I am currently playing a solo world and multiplayer world separately in Satisfactory, having to travel between my factories would not be possible if I had to go defend. That being said, my factory is suspended in the air with a main ramp and pillars to bring materials up so if the baddies can't break walls then I could simply mount turrets on the ramp.. I think the devs could make it work but that's probably just my lust for more challenge in a game that can sometimes feel really grindy getting the next automation line set up. I still think factorio is better but I'm lovingy Satisfactory so far. I'm almost ready to quit my Satisfactory world that I play with my friends because there are so many bugs in multiplayer though, very upsetting. These bugs have been around for months and it's getting way too annoying and way too easy to tell my friends I'm leaving to go play my single player world. No single bug is bad but combined they are terrible, especially with how frequently they occur such as play phantom items that are there but you can't see or interact with as soon as you place them.(walls, conveyors, foundations, constructors, splitters, mergers… anything like that can be potentially placed as a phantom item).

  17. I think Satisfactory and Factorio kinda trys to archive different things. Yes they re both Factory Games but when you play Factorio on Default Option the Alien Guys will punish you for you destroying the Enviroment and so on.

    And Satisfactory is more that kinda Game where you can just relax all Day havin no trouble against anyone yeah there are a few wild beast across the Map but they won´t ever come to you and attack your base or anything like that. I mean at least not yet maybe they ll change that who knows. And you cant really count them as Threats because its way too easy to kill them.

  18. 10:45 wth dude? crossing your factory doesnt take longer than 30seconds? i guess you never built a huge factory then.

  19. there is not which one is best.

    Satisfactory and factorio and two different things.

    Satsifactory is more relex with mainly focus on building, automating, and making your factory, without not mentioning the obvious different in graphics first person, etc.

    Factorio has more enphasis in being almost an rts with basebuilding and automation but with a huge enphasis in defending your base against hordes of enemies. It feels like playing starcraft at some point

  20. I have a factorio world which produces 1 million iron plates an hour, and a lot of time in it. Still can't get past the spaghetti

  21. once the game is complete and modding is added as a core function satisfactory will easily be the better of the two for me.

  22. Pretty much everything that you said about Factorio "only" having was wrong.

    Its like you've only played a few minutes of it. Come talk to me after you've got a hundred hours.

  23. "many years since full release"?

    Factorio hasn't had its full release yet. Probably this year, but I'm only 90% betting on that 😀

  24. Factories in factorio are only limited to how much your pc can handle. Milions of ores and other stuff moving around per second. Nuff said

  25. I haven't played either but from what I've seen, 3D doesn't look like it fits this genre. 2D makes much more sense.

  26. I would suggest getting factorio just because satisfactory is pretty complex, but the game can be beaten easily in 5 hours or so. If you want satisfactory I would wait if I were you, the game just game out as of this comment being posted, factorio has had many years to develop while satisfactory still has many bugs and needs to developed a lot more, the state it is in now is fun for a while but if you are looking for a long term take your life away game factorio is for you, it also has a bunch of mods. While satisfactory may look better to some, factorio has a rustic steampunk feel that I enjoy.


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