Satisfactory Updates – June 2020, Tips and Tricks, Steam Release and Crossplay Multiplayer Info


Want to know what’s new in the latest version of Satisfactory? In this video I run through the most important updates and some tips and tricks for Satisfactory Early Access June 2020, and also cover all of the information we know about the Steam release of the game, as well as the latest info about Steam vs. Epic Crossplay Multiplayer!

I’m going to teach you useful information about Overflow Splitters, Water Pumps, Trains and Stations, Hotbars, and more! And will also prepare prepare you for the Satisfactory Epic Online Services integration changes for Epic and Steam versions of the game. Don’t forget to tune in LIVE three days a week on Twitch for our Satisfactory live streams that begin at 8:00 AM ET/2:00 PM CET over at

Full Patch Notes from the Official Wiki:

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Good Vibes, Live:


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