REVEIW of 'Peloponnesian War' 2019 Edition from GMT Games and Mark Herman


What was old is new again. I am excited to have this opportunity to bring back into print and enhanced version of my original Peloponnesian War design that was originally published by Victory Games. This military game of ancient warfare lets YOU chart the destiny of the war. Peloponnesian War uses a still-unique solitaire system that was a pioneer in this genre, yet was never copied.

Most current solitaire systems on the market today have the player take one side for the entire game. This pits the player against a random ‘Bot system, even the best of which have some difficulty giving you the same challenge as playing against a human opponent. In Peloponnesian War, you get to play both sides, pitting yourself against the best that YOU can offer. If the game system is winning, the player is forced to continue with the losing side. Success, on the other hand, will eventually force the player to change sides and recover the losing side’s fortunes. The duration of the war and the player’s performance determine victory. In this manner the player competes against himself in the classic tradition of the Greek tragedy. – Mark

From the opening of the Archadameian War in 431BC to the Fall of Athens in 404, The Peloponessian War allows YOU to compete against the man in the mirror, as you live through the suicide of Greece. Maneuver your generals, hoplites, and navies to fight battles and attempt to bring the war to an end on your terms. Take heed, however. As you weaken your foe, you create a greater game challenge for yourself. For as you improve in strength, so does your opponent.

In terms of physical components, Mark’s enhanced version is getting the full GMT treatment: mounted map and strategy boards, high-quality thick counters, redesigned rules and playbook, all with new art throughout. This will be a product that you’ll want to own and play for a long time! We hope you enjoy this enhanced GMT version of Mark Herman’s classic solitaire game design.

—description from the publisher


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  1. when you capture neutral areas,how you mark them so that you know with which side they are?(for example i capture Erineus as Athens,how i mark it so that i know it is Athens?)!! sos please anyone that know inform me,thanks

  2. Hey Chief, we were wondering if you would be interested in taking a look at another of Mark Herman's designs published by us (C3i Magazine): Gettysburg. It's aimed more towards beginners but has solid depth to entertain vets. Please message us or email us to talk about it

  3. The tactical end can be accompanied by Hoplite in the Great Battles of History series. I'd love to see a way of linking battles in this system with a strategic game.

  4. Ordered this one months ago via the local store can't wait to get this baby.
    Although first I have several other games to work through.
    As by my standards this is a rather heavy ruleset. And thus I need to be in the right (rested) mindset! 🙂

  5. Thanks Chief. I was wondering what to expect from the box, I missed the first edition. All around, your video was great.

  6. Absolutely beautiful review. Very impressed with your pronunciation preparation. Thanks Bart! Your channel is better than ever and only getting better. It's so easy to criticize someone else's efforts and just sit back and enjoy. But I appreciate your efforts. Flawless review. Great TV.

  7. So.. it's a wargame of strategic attrition with both sides never quite finishing off the other?
    Sounds like they captured the historic Peloponnesian War pretty well!

  8. Was happy to see GMT provided a large box with extra available space for counter storage in Peloponnesian War.
    However, I just received Red Storm and the box looks too small to fit a counter tray and still close all the way.
    They're still hit & miss in this regard. I hope they can get better at going larger, in the future, when in doubt.


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