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Greetings earthlings!

On today’s menu, we’re going to dissect the art of Prey, this beautiful video game developed by Arkane Studios for Bethesda.

This video game is incredibly beautiful and features a lot of different styles perfectly balance inside the space station Talos I. we’re also going to give you a bit of lore of Prey, for you to know what Project Axiom and Space Station Kletka are, the background story of Talos I that gives story to the setting.

Hope you enjoy this art analysis!

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  1. At last! I wanted to make that video since the first time I played Prey 🙂 But it takes a lot of time in documentation… but I love doing so! FYI the spoilers of the plot are minimum, it doesn't spoil any major event of the plot, so you can watch it if you don't mind a small spoiler of the beginning of the game 🙂

  2. Excellent work! Very deep analysis of this awesome piece of art.
    I really want that artbook, I'm saving for it but here, in Argentina, is so expensive.
    Anyway thank you again, this video has very interesting information.

    P.S.: sorry if I spam you with comments, I just wanted to be popular haha I'm joking, I like this channel a lot!

  3. Another interesting, insightful video Madqueen! I love books and art, so a good game art book is a must read for me (I particularly liked the art of Horizon Zero Dawn and the Art of Fallout 4.)

    I will play this game, as I enjoyed the Demo, so must get to it along with the other 50 games I need to play, lol 🙂

  4. Wow I learned a lot, thank you. I did not know much about art. I would just say 'cool mix of scifi and retro' but now I have a deeper understanding and appreciation. I really love all the movie clips and music, you did wonderful. I have watched this twice now and won't be the last. Great job!


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