Pathfinder Roleplaying Game — Dungeon Starter Set & Dungeon Perils Expansion Flip-Tiles


Pathfinder Roleplaying Game — Dungeon Starter Set & Dungeon Perils Expansion Flip-Tiles

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  1. No expansion has included fully populated rooms/zones, as they just include 1 extra "thing". I always expected them to be like this, but yours seems like a valid idea for an expansion, though.

  2. These are great I like the idea of no tables crates and other stuff on the maps. You can't change the room if the table and stuff can't be moved

  3. Thanks for reviewing. They probably didn’t add anything “color” to the starter pack so you can add your own terrain as you did so you are not forced into a particular idea for the room. However, it would be nice if the reverse side had different flooring looks. Now the expansion set has more color but too many repetitive tiles…mushroom tiles, green goop tiles, column tiles and rubble tiles. Would prefer a greater array of perils than what they have. Also, hate the large black area. Waste of space. They would prefer to remove the black completely and still have flip aspect of them. It would allow for greater possibilities because you could place them next to each other in even more combinations.

  4. Well, as I see it, the Base Set is purely there so you can make a layout of your Dungeon by Roomsize and Corridors. Any specific Room types you have to make yourself, using either a Dry-Erase Marker or your Terrain Minis. Very useful as a "fits anywhere" set, effektively making the tiles a Classical Map that has been portioned up.
    Then there are of course the Expansions, which I expect will have more flavorful tiles, showing specific traps, roomtypes, more ornate corridors and the like. Nice to pep up dungeons.
    But like others have said, kind of useless if you for example need a Large Room that has an alchemy lab along the Wall, but you only get small ones in the Expansion, or vice versa. Right back at drawing or using the Minis for it. I hope any trap-tiles they make will be sized to the trap, so that you can simply drop them on the other tiles. Good sets, non the less.

  5. Personally I prefer the ambiguous tiles for dungeon crawling. They are more versatile and I can always draw something on the mat if I'm after a specific room.

  6. As much as I like my D&D tiles with a lot of detail and color, I find myself using my blank flip mats far more often. If you use a detailed map, you really have to plan ahead and be lucky that your players go where you’re expecting them to. Can’t really beat the flexibility of a blank dry erase flip-mat

  7. They're dry-erase right? So you could always draw the ruins to look like an alchemy lab or whatever. The problem with printed tiles for me is unless it's generic (fire trap, acid pool, etc) the alchemy lab is a wasted tile because it will always look like that lab, boring. But with dry-erase I can have one extend through hallways and into other rooms should I choose. Possibly speckled with fire grates and magic runes… Oh you've got GMing 🙂

  8. Unfortunately all designed to sell the expansions. You'll get the bare bones basics on the main set, the compatibility is great to have, but yeah they are designed to get you to buy the expansions on top of the starter sets to get the full immersive appeal.

  9. Core is the bare basics. I'd say expect color in all the expansions. There will like be ones specifically themed to give you things like prisons and labs. The big set is basically akin to the plane flip map for those who want to use all their own 3d items and what not.


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