Parameters. What happens if you remove all of the story and graphics from an RPG? Let's find out!


This is a really cool game that proves that RPGs are addictive regardless of story or graphics. It’s just the basic mechanics of all role playing games. I had to use Internet Explorer to get this to work unfortunately. Here’s a link:

It’s in Japanese until you click the English button, then it’s in English.

My girlfriend is sick of me narrating everything I do when I play games, so I decided to start streaming so I can narrate to complete strangers.

Send me a friend request on Steam:
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My rig:
Intel i7 6700k (water cooled and overclocked to 4.4GHz)
32Gb DDR4 Memory
500Gb NVMe Samsung 850 SSD

Stream Setup:
Zalman ZM-MIC1 Microphone ($6)

Logitech C310 webcam
Green screen made of Safety Green Gildan stadium blanket and 1/2″ SCH40 PVC pipe to make a frame
Lighting is a 5′ Walmart floor lamp with 150W LED 5000k light bulb and DIY 18″ X 18″ softbox
OBS Studio version 19.0.3
Subscription notifications with


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