PA Presents: High Heavens


Greek and Norse gods battle for the fate of their home lands with Jerry and Eric at the helm. Ryan Lesser from Wild Power Games joins them to provide sage battle advice and insight into the design and creation of High Heavens.

High Heavens is a tactical card and minis game where players battle to vanquish the enemy heroes or their destroy their home base!

Designed by Ryan Lesser (Guitar Hero, Rock Band), High Heavens brings the powerful and charismatic gods of Greek, Norse and Egyptian mythology to the table with beautiful miniatures and colorful cards.

Choosing when to play a god or divine power, and how to utilize them on the board, will determine which army will ascend in victory, and which will fall in defeat!

This 1st edition is released in a limited supply of 2000 copies. Get it while you can!

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  1. One question about the rules . Can you hit the gods which standing on the invocing hexes when youre next to one of them or you can only hit the home base in that case Im not sure


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