ONE Of These Strings WINS A Choice Prize! Which One Is It? Sylvan Beach Boardwalk!


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Hey friends! Today we’re at the Sylvan Beach Boardwalk in Sylvan Beach, NY! We’re checking out some of the carnival games they have here! This place is a blast from the past and so much fun! In fact this is probably the most fun we’ve ever had playing carnival games! We came across one game where you pull a string and one of the strings wins a choice prize! So play along and see if we can guess the right string!

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ONE Of These Strings WINS A Choice Prize! Which One Is It? Sylvan Beach Boardwalk!


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  1. A lot of the things have been there for 40 years, I would know I grew up 5 minutes away and my nanny lives in the beach. I'm glad you went.

  2. I certainly didn’t think that you would have won on that bowling ball one without spending atleast $10 , I was wrong 🤷🏻‍♂️👍🏻😁🍻🍻🍻

  3. Interesting place looks like lots of fun cool something worth visiting when on vacation sweet enjoy watching the video lots of love and abundance blessings

  4. Is that a dead boardwalk or out of season? I like that you guys go to places other arcade channels dont know about.

  5. Funny u mentioned the spider, that place when I use to go would be infested with them !! Good to still there still there ahhaha

  6. Roll to win is one of my go-to games… I did play this game when they had it in the arcade near the little kids play area in Woodbridge… I see it there's a technique to that game… Plus I do like the Bowling carnival game, it was hard but I actually won it 17 times, this was actually the best one I've ever done…

  7. I love the bowling ball game. Especially when it was at circus circus in Las Vegas. I was good now I go for strikes lol.


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