Ocarina Cover Compilation #1 | The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D


Part 2:

Back in early March, I posted a few tweets showing me playing songs like “Take on Me” and “The Final Countdown” using the in-game ocarina from The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D. Those tweets blew up overnight (to the point where I was featured on Moments ) and I sporadically posted more covers in the subsequent months. Now, after requests and some personal deliberation, I’ve finally compiled almost all of the covers I’ve posted up to this point. Please enjoy.

0:08 | Deku Link Plays “Take on Me”:

0:27 | Deku Link Plays “The Final Countdown”:

0:43 | Deku Link Plays “Mos Eisley Cantina Theme/Cantina Band”:

0:59 | Deku Link Plays “Careless Whisper”:

1:18 | Deku Link Plays “Never Gonna Give You Up”:

1:36 | Deku Link Plays “Baker Street”:

1:56 | Deku Link Plays “Overworld – Super Mario World” :

2:25 | Link Plays “My Heart Will Go On”:

2:47 | Deku Link Plays “Chicken Dance”:

3:08 | Deku Link Plays “A Cruel Angel’s Thesis”:

3:31 | Deku Link Plays “Main Theme – Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty”:

4:06 | Link Plays “Concerning Hobbits (The Lord of the Rings)”:

4:30 | Link Plays “Green Hill Zone – Sonic the Hedgehog”:

5:22 | Deku Link Plays “Meet the Flintstones”:

5:35 | Zora Link Plays “Crazy Train”:

5:49 | Deku Link Plays “Main Theme – Superman”:

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  1. I clicked on this suspecting nothing but exactly what the title said. Then I got ricked rolled. By a Zelda video.

  2. Link would one of those guys who plays music covers in middle of the streets.

    I wonder how much rupees would he got with this?

  3. Everyone has left the region.
    Is it the falling moon?
    Is it the death that surrounds us all here?
    No, it's that damn walking jukebox playing every night.


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