Mystic Marathon, 1983 Williams


Oddball little game involving trolls in a footrace in an enchanted seaside setting. Your name is Belkin and you are in the rear to begin each race. You have 6 other racers that want to finish in the top 3– if you don’t you lose the race and must spend a credit to restart that race. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF EVERY SHORT CUT YOU CAN!!! Shortcuts include teleport holes, giant hands that flip you forward in the race, stone mouths that swallow you and deposit you out a later mouth, birds/balloons/butterflies that carry you across the water to later in the race, dinosaur spines that bump you forward, canoes, and moving piers. DON’T accidentally take these backwards! As helpful as all these shortcuts are, there are a lot more things that will impede your progress, like: tripping over other racers, or rocks or mushrooms, swimming (you have to do it sometimes but you move so slow when you do), trees that throw apples– I HATE these guys– lightning, ogres that stomp you into the ground (HATE them too), dinosaurs that fling rocks, geysers, whirlpools, sharks, wizard spells, a tidal monster (hate him too), clam shells, and falling off a high ledge (just takes a long time to land). None of the hindrances will kill you; they just slow you down. You can jump over some obstacles but it’s also useful to jump off land into the water when you need to swim (saves you a teeny bit of time rather than just falling in the water). Making first place gives you more points reward than 2nd or 3rd. A distinct noise will play when a competitor reaches the finish line before you (even if he is offscreen), and if you lose the race you’ll be forced quickly towards the finish line. Bonus items like gold, diamonds and pearls give you extra points but aren’t necessary to pick up. Odd little idea by Williams, who will always be more famous for Joust/Robotron/Sinistar/Defender/licensed games.


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  1. I've played this one at… just kidding, I've never seen this one in person. I have a feeling Galloping Ghost Arcade will get it eventually or may have it in their vault somewhere. I first heard about Mystic Marathon around 2000 when I bought Williams Presents Arcade's Greatest Hits for Playstation, which has interview segments in addition to the 6 games. In one of them, Larry Demar talked about games that Williams was making in the early to mid 80s that were either in low production or weren't put into production at all, and Mystic Marathon was the first game he named that was low production, the other two he named being Turkey Shoot and Inferno. Turkey Shoot is the only one I have played of those three by the way.

  2. Oh wow. I haven't played this game in years Russ. I completely forgot about this one. Now I have to play it again bro. Thank you for reminding me about it. 8^)


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