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In this video I show you how I made the learn icon in a classic hand painted stylized way. Much like Clash of Clans or World of Warcraft. These techniques are really important for mobile games in general. check out my other play lists on hand painted techniques below with tutorials and guides.

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Normal Graphics Tablets
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Veikk a15
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Veikk a30 – great alternative is a15 not available
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*Most sturdy and with tilt:*
Huion h610 pro v2
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Huion Kamvas GT
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*Money no object :)*
Cintique 22”HD
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Mobile studio pro
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UK – pro 16
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  1. 2:09 can you please tell me what did you do to create those double edge loops to make bottle roundish there? Thanks!

  2. Other channels : Substance painter this substance painter that. Grant Abbit: i will show you those wonders which no one has ever dared ventured to

  3. Hi there. As always like! great job.
    It would be so great if you could do and upload "Beginner Exercises" series for Blender Texturing process. I'm almost sure a lot of people have problems with texturing 🙂

  4. waiting for beginner episode ,please make more video, your videos are great ,thanks you soo much ,also make animation with keyfram for beginner. please

  5. God damn, impressive dood! I love your work, your voice is great and, I really appreciate it all, I'm learning blender just with your tutorials ♥

  6. Lol you are just so great at your work and great tutorials on the basics
    I've been learning blender and its been a year now and I must say, superb tutorials ❤️❤️


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