Lumosity Trouble Brewing Game – 72 cups


My highest score is 71550 from about two weeks ago. The program does not go any higher than 72 cups. In 70-72 range, I only seem to be able to finish maybe 1 out of 5 or 10 times. I think it depends on the easiness of the patterns that the games throws at me. Some are apparently more easier than others. I tend to look for things like 2 double chocolates, or 5 or 7 creams. (To me, a 5 means 2 double and a single cream, and a 7 would be 3 doubles and a single cream.) Another pattern, might be two sets of three (a double and a single of the same item, that repeats twice). Sometimes I just say, wow, there are lot of chocolates there, and just go crazy with the chocolates. I find that it helps to slow down and be very accurate in the last 10-15 seconds.

I think a few times I’ve seen it give me a double in the last six seconds, and it takes longer than that for the double to fill up.

The bad thing is that once you reach 72, you go back downhill. And you might have to re-earn it by doing a 70 again. Mess up bad on 70 cups, and your back down to 68. Here’s my trick when you are on 72, and you know there’s no way you are going to finish. Just click the refresh button on your browser, and restart the leve-72 game from the beginning. This can save you have to go back to 70 and playing a few more games there to level back up to 72.

You’ve probably heard of the “Peter Principle”, that when a manage gets promoted until he reaches his level of incompetency. That’s kind of how I feel with this game. I cannot consistently win at 68 and higher. Have to play over and over maybe 20-60 minutes to get a few high levels wins in, and I’m not sure that’s good for the brain or the hand that operates the mouse.

This is one of Lumosity’s games of divided attention. It seems like it also requires a speed reading of the orders, and the ability to organize them, and remember them. The orders appear on the middle screen, and the dispense machines appear to the left and right.

Three other tips:
1) Learn to click carefully on the arrows that navigate right and left. If you miss them often, you are burning valuable time.
2) Use CNTL-Dash (minus) on your browser to shrink the screen down where the scroll bar doesn’t appear. At first I used to get somewhat random scrolling up and down which moved around the game portion of the screen.
3) Give names to each item, and stick with those names. I use Cinnamon, Chocolate, Cream, Sugar, and Nut or Bean for the last one.


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  1. Wow you have a great memory. I’m stuck at level 11. I start out pretty strong with doubles and singles in different rooms but then I lose it when they all seem the same and I get flustered and go back to the order room and double check.

  2. Your screen looks a lot different from mine. I have a totally different strategy. But it was fun watching you play. I call them up, dollop, flat, sugar and turd

  3. *Tips on how to get a higher score:
    -Fill a cup AS SOON AS you collect a full one. ALWAYS.
    -You dont have to always go back to the orders screen and waste precious seconds. Sometimes just put whatever you want in the cup cause the chances are high it will be an actual order. This is a great time saver.
    – Dont spend so much time on the orders screen, just scan it very quickly and seperate the four categories in your mind (single white item/double white items/single brown item/double brown items). Only look for elements from ONE category at the time and fill your cups accordingly.

    72 cups, 71530 pts on smartphone is my best. I will try 74 but I dont think I can do it 😭

  4. As people have mentioned below, your computer or device make a big difference. I have a different laptop than I did when I played the game above; and in theory it's more powerful, but for some reason some of the games in Lumosity are a little more Sluggish (using Firefox). I don't have Flash installed on Chrome browser currently; trying to keep it cleaner. So I'm not getting anywhere near the score above on my current laptop. I'm kind of hooked on "Word Bubbles" these days.

  5. Whoa you have very fast reactions. I can't even tell what's on my screen even if I look at it for a moment like you can! Pinball is also one I have difficulty with.

  6. I can do 72 on my phone or a touchscreen computer but can't do more than 45 on a computer with a touchpad and no more than 60 with a mouse. The device you are playing this on makes a big difference.

  7. I kinda of this game, but on my celphone. I believe that is most difficult go fast with a mouse. Highest I've achieved is 60 cups with 59280. Congratulations Neal!

  8. Oh, now I need a large double coffee with cream, sugar, cocoa and cinnamon…. 🙁 Maybe I should take a break and head on over the The Crown and Anchor for a coffee and a bagel…. 😉

  9. I'm addicted to this game, but on the iPhone app. I just can't go fast enough with a mouse. Highest I've achieved is 68 cups once; a few times at 67.

  10. Doing 72 cups mixing single and doubles in the same screen is amazing. I see your machine wasn't lagging a bit, what helps, but it's still amazing, especially for a senior guy like you.

    Btw, have you earned any buck from this site yet?


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