Jeopardy (Wii U) – Trivia Multiplayer! Yoshiller vs. Brett vs. Patrick & Chris!


Today’s Whatever Wednesday is a multiplayer video for Jeopardy on the Wii U! Brett Bayonne of Super Couch Fighters is Player 1 as Patrick & Chris of ThatOneVideoGamer team up to be Player 2!

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I was in need of another Whatever Wednesday video, and admittedly, I had wanted to record a game like Jeopardy for quite a while now. Fortunately, I work at ThatOneVideoGamer, which has a large collection of games and a fun selection of employees. I asked my fellow colleagues Brett, Patrick, and Chris if they’d be interested in recording a gameplay video with me, and when I mentioned that the game would be Jeopardy, they all gained interest! And so, at approximately midnight on a Thursday (or Friday technically) we recorded this video! Although it was a spur-of-the-moment video, I think that it turned out to be hilarious! I hope that you’ll find this Jeopardy session as amusing as we did!
Players in this video:


Special thanks to ThatOneVideoGamer:
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