Incredible Incremental Game Called Crank! Preview video


Hey guys whats going on! Charlesdads here and today I wanted to make a preview video for a game called “Crank”. This game was started a long long time ago and I just had so much damn fun with it! The devoloper FaeDine just recently started devoloping it again. I talked to him about it and don’t know if I am the reason for it but I am very excited for what he is gonna do. This game has a cool power source as the main resource.

Like most incremental games, EVERY single one has a number. This one is so unique and cool because it has a limit or a “Cap” as some people would call it. It starts out as a dark room and then you start cranking and if you don’t keep cranking you run out of power! If you run out of power you can’t use the research mechanic or even use the Fabrication panel. Which is used for making Scrap Metal and Battery’s.

Even CrankBots to help you crank for that energy! I’ve learned alot about the game and am here to show you about it. Scrap metal is made by having 5 energy and the production time can be brought down by clicking the Scrap Metal button in the Fabrication tab! Battery’s boost your energy cap! But don’t be fooled by thinking you can make infinite scrap metal and battery’s.

Oh yes! Even they have caps too! So if you wanna try out the game. Link in the description 🙂 Have fun! And subscribe for more games like this!


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