How To Freak Your Beats w/ Frequency Shifter & Flanger (Ableton Tutorial)


Frequency Shifter and Flanger stock Ableton plugins tutorial by Reid Stefan Realest Puppet In the Game. Today we show how to freak your beats with these special fx in Ableton 10. This tutorial covers all the knobs and functions for beginners as well as some advanced trap mixing tips that will make your drums special!

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Ableton Stock Plugin Tutorials
Audio Effect Rack:
Auto Filter:
Beat Repeat:
Drum Buss:
Dynamic Tube:
EQ Eight & EQ Three:
External Audio Effect:
Frequency Shifter:
Glue Compressor:
Vinyl Distortion:

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  1. yo reid checc out Supermassive by Valhalla DSP, its free & badass flange/echo delay effect. it just dropped like a week ago

  2. Hi Reid have you ever seen beardyman perform? I think you would like his live set up! Check him out then tell us how he does it 🤣👍

  3. Am I the only one that heard "Where in this sine wave is the pitch bend going to begin?" to the tune of "Where in the world is carmen san diego"?

  4. i never thought that i would get taught how to "freak my beats" by a puppet producer who sells organic loops. im glad that i am

  5. I started getting into modular about a year ago. It's really sharpened up my game when it comes to automation and modulation. A little bit can go a long way in keeping something that's a repetitive motif in a track. A flanger, a modulated notch filter, almost anything alters the timbre… even in a subtle way… is the real sizzle on the track.

  6. Hey Reid. I know you're a big fan of the flange. I'D call you a flanger connoisseur. What do you think about Eventide's new (old) Instant Flanger Mk II?

  7. I got distracted once the cat got put on the table. I was waiting for it to jump on your puppet when you were head banging. Would have been funny.

  8. Wanna say thanks Reid. You’re my fave channel bro.

    1: Major depression.
    2: Producer
    3: Suicidal tendencies

    You calm my soul a lot man. The last 6 weeks or so your videos have helped me out a real dark place man. Just wanna say all love and thanks. I been watching for years but I’ll defo comment every now and then and purchase your stuff.

    Thanks again. Baddest puppet in the game brother ❤️

  9. frequency shifter not only nice for drums and for many more things, especially when it modulated by m4l devices such as lfo, env follower and etc.


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