How To Fix Stutter In Games – Frame Rate, Frame Time & RTSS


‘Chris, I bought a G-Sync monitor, but games don’t feel smooth, do you know why?’ – that’s a question I heard many, many times. In today’s video I will explain why games feel like they stutter, even when you play on a G-Sync or FreeSync monitor, and what you can do to fix that.

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  1. Why does this not work on minecraft? I mean it doesnt cap it nor show me how much fps im getting. Its like its not there.

  2. Without a frame rate limit and using g sync in addition to v sync on in nvidia control panel I notice stuttering when my frame rate fluctuates. Shouldn't g sync and v sync together make changes in frame rate feel smooth?

  3. You cannot solve this in Batman. Seriously rocksteady can go fuck themselves. 1080 Ti, 144Hz monitor and I still can't play smoothly this is utter bullshit.

  4. Hi Battle(non)sense or to anyone out there reading this! This really helped a lot with stable frametimes, but sadly I still get microstutters/frametime spikes when crossing certain zones or walking into new areas. Within an area I get absolutely butter smooth gameplay, but when I walk into a new area I know has the microstutter, it will evoke the microstutter. The microstutters don't happen at random and are reproducible. I think I have pretty decent hardware to run these games in the first place (5700 XT, R5 3600, 16gb 3000mhz). Is the game just poorly optimized or what? Should I get a high speed NVME ssd?
    Anyway, when I watch other videos on youtube crossing the same "areas", I see the exact same places evoking the stutter. So is this completely normal phenomenon?

  5. I just found your video and was trying to get things to feel smoother while playing Modern Warfare. Even with my frametimes being a nice even 10 like what yours showed, it still felt jittery to me. Is it a game by game basis still? I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.

  6. Ik this was for good cause but this helped absolutely nothing!
    I use g sync on my freesync monitor 144hz
    My fortnite always runs at 144fps
    Sometimes when i look around the game stutters so fucking bad, and sometimes it's smooth as butter this is annoying and a shame because this shit is annoying

  7. So the reason of dota 2 stuttering because of the beyond refresh rate. My monitor is 120hz. In dota2 the fps sometimes get 140 160. So i should limit it to 120 to avoid stuttering?

  8. one word GSYNC. Theres so much screen tearing in the video despite the perfect frame pacing. Thats why in order to get perfect sync and latency and image, you need gsync or freesync.

  9. Thank you so fkn much!
    i did exactly what you did in the video and i now have a butter-smooth gameplay! you rock, man!

  10. why do people think pc is better then consoles when you cosntantly have to download programs and play on low graphics to get good frames per rate and no stuttering


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