How to enable replay in an existing save (Factorio 0.16.51 Tutorial)


Each time factorio updates, or you change a mod you disable replay on your save. In this tutorial I show you how to enable replay on an existing save to circumvent this problem.

The replay will only show everything that happens after doing the steps shown in this video. Everything before that will be lost.

If your cursor is not clear when doing this this might happen:

And don’t worry I’m not planning on changing the format of the channel to these type of videos. I just thought some of you might find this helpful.

help translate my videos:


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  1. This is not the type of video you would expect from this channel. But not to worry, I'm not changing the format of the channel. I just thought some of you might find this useful.

  2. Does that still work in 0.17? It looks like I can't for some reason. Note: my original save is in 0.17.somepreviousversion


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