History of James Bond 007 Games (1983 – 2020)


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A full documentary – style history of the “James Bond 007” video game franchise. From the original series of games in the 1980s, up to the most recent fan-remake of GoldenEye set to release in 2022.

Celebrate the (delayed) release of the upcoming “No Time to Die” film, by taking a look back at the property’s rich history in video game form – including details on each game’s development background, storyline, gameplay features, visuals, and critical reception – all backed with each game’s original soundtrack.

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Now sit back, grab a drink and enjoy the ENTIRE History of 007 Games!

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  1. Update: Had to completely cut out the awesome intro sequence I created for this video, along with the beautiful animation Syfydan created for me. But I shall hold on to the original version of the video myself 🙂

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    Thanks for tuning in everybody! This project took an insane amount of time and effort to pull together. I actually intended to make this last February but wanted to really dive deep in the franchise by going through each and every film as well. This was a lot of fun to make – and I really hope a developer takes interest in this franchise again. The final section of this particular video includes a breakdown of what I feel would make for a great 007 game, and I would love to hear your ideas of what you feel would be the right step.

    Also – from the poll I conducted a few weeks back, the winner was predictably "GoldenEye 1997," with Nightfire and Everything or Nothing coming in at 2nd and 3rd from waaay behind. Expected a bit more of an even split – but that just goes to show how insanely important GoldenEye was to the gaming industry. After watching this, does your opinion still stand, or is there another game in the series you're interested in trying out? Let me know!

  2. I loved playing Agent Under Fire and Nightfire growing up. I wanted to play Everything Or Nothing, but my parents never got me the game. I feel like I'm completely missing out. I would love to see those games and all other Brosnan games remastered for a re release.

  3. My favorite bond games are Quantum of Salose, Blood Stone, and Golden eye reloaded
    And before you yell at me I did not get into the bond games until these games came out

  4. I loved this video. Always, wondered why these games existed; in fact the 007 banner usually steered me away. Everything or Nothing looked incredible though, that game would look stunning today.

  5. they should create a remake of these games, with updated graphics, gameplay and missions, being able to drive the iconic cars and use the gadgets

  6. I think it would be very wise if they looked at other SPY videogames for inspiration instead of just shooters. Metal gear, splinter cell, Batman, Thief, Deus ex; there's plenty of good spy and stealth titles with enough action in then to be cinematic and cheesey.
    I think you could even let Rockstar take the rights, use their GTAV engine and call it a day xD

    Loved the video! 😀

  7. Everything or nothing was such a great game, it was my childhood as well as nightfire. Lmao I got my nightfire disk stuck in my ps2 i need to get round to fixing it some time soon.

  8. To me Rouge Agent is the only bad bond game I think from atleast from 6th-7th gen. I Iliked all the 6th gen games and all the 7th gen games. The will be more appreciated as more time goes on. The old games are already being picked up on Amazon. Legends, Golden Eye 2010 and Bloodstone have all become cult classic and have all gone up in value. Everything or Nothing non platinum versions have too. I have all of them from 6th and 7th Gen and they are all good and more people are seeing that now.(Besides Rouge Agent)

  9. Online multiplayer should be all about stealth with multiple ways to sneak around the maps to get the drop on each other. Maybe throw in a few NPCs to mix it up

  10. i gotta be honest here the problem actually lies in studios wanting quick money instead of just asking themselves what make Goldeneye n64 popular in the first place

  11. EA actually has the strongest record for great Bond games. Rare made a singular masterpiece. Activision made a very noble effort with Blood Stone (underrated game).

  12. ngl the remakes of the bond movies with daniel craig as the main bond was actually pretty interesting. Just have an actually good company make the game

  13. You failed to mention the Bond game Raven Software was working on.
    But yea, I consider myself a huge fan of the Bond franchise, both films and games. GoldenEye 007 is still my all time favorite game ever released. But Quantum of Solace and GE:Reloaded were actually really good and enjoyable, specially their multiplayer. I have no love what so ever for all the EA attempts, Tomorrow Never DIes is based of nostalgia and The World is Not Enough was OK.
    Anyway, great video, amazing watch, lets hope for some more Bond games in the future!

  14. thats really last thing that i wanna know if somebody pick the licence will they make james bond game on ps3? please tell me this and i promise you that this is the last thing

  15. As close to my heart as I hold Goldeneye, I still stand by my belief that Everything or Nothing is, hands-down, the greatest Bond game ever made.


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