Gorillaz – Phase 2 (GAMES AND MORE!)


All the contents in this video belong to EMI Records, WMG, Gorillaz, and all other proper copyright owners. I own NOTHING! I simply put all of this together so that people who don’t own the DVD can experience what it has to offer. In this video, I explore the CD-ROM that comes with the Slowboat to Hades DVD! It includes games, screensavers, wallpapers, and more. Download link to games, screensavers, wallpapers, and the flash itself is included down below, as well as links to all of the songs used!


Program – 0:07


Russel’s Animal Kwackers – 0:37

Shooting Range – 1:21

Apple Bobbing – 3:33

Potato Peeling – 4:45

Santa Sleigher – 5:22

Helly Drop – 6:16

Pumpomatic – 6:45

Russel’s Cookie Eating – 8:14

Identikit – 8:55

Darts – 11:00

Attache Case – 12:01

Mahjong – 12:25

Tiles Of The Unexpected – 13:05

Murdoc’s Operation – 14:33

Dirty Harry – 16:23

Wallpapers – 19:28

Screensavers – 21:08

Achievement Wallpapers – 23:28

Download content here! –

Songs used:

Rockit by Gorillaz –

Last Living Souls (Instrumental) by Gorillaz –

Kids With Guns (Instrumental) by Gorillaz –

November Has Come (Instrumental) by Gorillaz –

DARE (Soulwax Remix) by Gorillaz –

Film Trailer Music by Gorillaz –

All Alone (Instrumental) by Gorillaz –

Fire Coming Out of The Monkey’s Head by Gorillaz –

O Green World by Gorillaz –

Don’t Get Lost In Heaven (Demo) by Gorillaz –

Spitting Out The Demons by Gorillaz –

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  1. I added a new download link due to multiple removals. Please, let me know if it goes down, and I'll get it back up ASAP!

  2. Hi! i started Gorillaz_FIX but i cant play the games,,, it only says MEL and stays that way:/ is there any solution?

  3. i know this is from 2017 and the original website is from a while before that but god damn i wish i could experience this when it was still alive, fresh and running

  4. Did you had problema installing the game, cause' i have tried everything to make it work but it says that the file is corrupted u.U

  5. This is an excellent compilation! Thanks a lot 🙂 I actually made all these (bar the mahjong which was a reskin).
    Lovely to see them all in one place. I'm sticking this vid as a link in my CV 😛


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