GameMaker Studio – Memory Match Revisited


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We’ve all played a memory match card game at some point of our lives, whether it be to improve our memory or kill some time. In this video, I explain the very dynamics behind this cool idea.

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  1. This is exactly what I'm looking for, except I need to make it so it's like the TV Show Classic Concentration, when a match is made, the cards disappear to reveal part of a rebus puzzle. How can I do this? And how can I add a pop up asking if the person guessed the puzzle correctly?

  2. Hello, I saw your tutorials of this and I wanted to create a layered mahjong style game, but, i can click and say if i had three layers of tiles, that 2 tiles would automatically select, i have your exact code, obviously slightly modified, but, i can't do one select per click, any tips?

  3. hey, I have been following your awesome tutorial but i think i want to the game to end after all the cards are flipped, so at which line should i write the game_end()?

  4. so in the code i added 26 differnt sets of cards to choose from but i have 8 pairs to pick randomly from, when i do this i get 1 of some cards instead of having 2 cards of each for the set of 8 pairs what code should i be changing or adding to fix this

  5. I clicked through the tutorial to get an idea of how it works. this looks like a prime situation for using macros and using arrays for some of the variables. So instead of having several word count variables, you could have one array and use the macro values to index them. have you considered this? what do you think?

  6. When generating the cards, wouldn't it be simpler to add all the cards to a DS_list, shuffle it, and use find_value while generating the card grid?


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