Game Changer: the Book!


Game Changer: THE book all about AlphaZero! GM Matthew Sadler and WIM Natasha Regan introduce their new book Game Changer which came out on 20th January 2019 and was awarded the prestigious ECF Book of the Year prize for 2019. In Game Changer Matthew and Natasha examine AlphaZero, DeepMind’s artificial intelligence algorithm, explaining how AlphaZero is built, how AlphaZero trains and – most importantly – how AlphaZero plays! We reveal daring AlphaZero opening novelties and the channel is filled with AlphaZero kingside attacks and AlphaZero pawn sacrifices, all trying to overpower astounding Stockfish defence!
This channel contains much supplemental material not published in the Game Changer book.
Thanks to DeepMind for archive material.
Game Changer is available in print and digital versions from these links:
(Paperback English edition)
(Paperback and Kindle)
(Hardback German edition)

Matthew Sadler is a Grandmaster and 2-times British Chess Champion, ranked 41st in the world and 2nd in the UK on the December 2019 FIDE Rating List. He is the author of 7 chess books, 3 of which – The Queen’s Gambit Declined and Chess for Life (also co-authored with Natasha Regan) and of course Game Changer! – won the prestigious English Chess Federation Book of the Year Prize.

Natasha Regan is a Women’s International Master from England who achieved a degree in mathematics from Cambridge University. She has represented England internationally at both Chess and Go.



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