DSi GBA Games Off SD Card! GBARUNNER2!


Hi guys, Tech James here,

How to play GBA games off your DSI’s SD card using the GBARunner2 software!

This video is for educational purposes only.


➤ (DSI CFW Guide):

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  1. bro i need answers, look i already put the gbarunner2 in my SD card but the emulator does not appears on the menu, what should i do? What am i doing wrong?

  2. I have a problem when I was playing mario and luigi superstar saga the freezed when the battle with bowser started how do I can fix it

  3. Hey, is it possible to run GB color roms off of GBARUNNER 2. I have downloaded uplaunch onto my DSi and have put TWlight++ on the SD card. I have downloaded roms and put them in the rom folder, but when I open the folder in the DSi there are no files there.
    Thank you!

  4. Does playing gba games thru this is considered as emulation? Or it will read ,run and play like a original hardware?

  5. It worked for me but the only difference is that mine is a dark color, now my only problem now is learning how to get roms oof

  6. Hey bro, I have a little problem here. I downloaded Star Wars apprentice of the force and every time I exit the game and I enter it my profile keeps deleting. Do you have any idea what it could be?

  7. Pretty good guide but not a good way to play gba games. I own a new 3ds with cfw and the VC INJECTS runs perfect. The gbarunner has too much glithes, audio and input lag. I own a ds lite, hopping this will save me 50 bucks for a ez flash but no, the AUDIO is almost craking noises on almost all the ROMs I've tested.

  8. My new hero. I can’t believe this was here the whole time. I’ll never grow the hair I’ve pulled out back! 😀

  9. Great videos!
    But why i cant play pokemon emerald and other pokemon roms? Some solution?
    And can i reset my dsi to factory settings and delete these hacks after?

  10. Doesn't work at all for me. Says "Error 1: nds-bootstrap (release) not found." Even though nds-bootstrap is on the SD card and DS games work fine. Any idea what's going wrong here?

  11. Tech James, I Have A Problem. Recently I Downloaded Wario Ware Twisted, And GyroScope Doesnt Work And I Can't Play It. Please Reply.

  12. If i want to start gbarunner2 there is just a white screen and then it says "loading failed nds – bootstrap (release) is missing"
    What should I do?


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