Diwali: India's Biggest Festival: Festival of Lights – Lễ hội Diwali của người Ấn Độ


Diwali is a festival of beautiful lit Diyas of Rangoli and celebrating with your family, friends and loved once. Diwali is the festival that let you win over darkness. Diwali is most important festival that is celebrated in India. In fact, wherever people of Indian origin stay they celebrate Diwali with great enthusiasm.
Deepawali – means a row of lights. The name Diwali evolved from Deepa – meaning lamp and vali meaning row.
Diya – means earthern oil lamp which is lit up during Diwali.
Rangoli – colored sand designs made on the floor as part of Diwali decoration
Toran – garland of flowers used to decorate doors and vehicles Sparklers – noiseless firecrackers that when lighted up form beautiful patterns.
Crackers: fire crackers or fireworks that are burst during Diwali celebrations
Dhanteras: the day of Diwali that is celebrated by businessman as the day of starting their new financial year. Gold is also bought on this day.
Laxmi Pooja – Laxmi is the Hindu goddess of prosperity and wealth… She is worshipped through a special ceremony called Pooja in order to receive her blessings.
Next day of Diwali where people visit relatives and friends and distribute gifts and sweets.
Bhai Dooj – it is a celebration of siblings where the brother is made to feel special by the sister, gifts are exchanged. And some peopledo a ritual of worshiping theirs pens and important writing and reading related things called Chitragupta Pooja.
Saree – the traditional Indian garment is draped by women on Diwali.
Salwar kameez – is another traditional outfit worn by women on Diwali.
The effects of festivals are very wholesome for an individual and for the society.
• They relieve us from monotony of life.
• Festivals creates an environment of cultural harmony.
• Festivals teach us to forget our enmity and embrace one another in a bond of love.
• Moral, ethical, social values of life mix up with entertainment through festivals.
Spiritual significance.
Diwali is celebrated by Hindus, Jains, and Sikhs and Newar Buddhists to mark different historical events and stories, but they all symbolize the victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, good over evil, hope over despair.

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