Counter Attack Board Game – Product Review and Unboxing


Today I’m doing a product review and unboxing of the Counter Attack Board Game
This is a football strategy game you can play on the tabletop, created by Long Pack Games and designed in Scotland by Colin Webster and Rachel Codd.
Spoilers but I love this game and couldn’t wait to share it with you guys.
As a big footy fan of the Wolves, and big Subbeteo player, I’ve been waiting for a strategy game just like this one to enjoy with my eldest on the kitchen table.
Its a dice game that utilises real world football tactics and with the player draft system, every match will be different.
Honestly if your a footy fan and love board games buy this game.

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  1. I actually tried to make my own footy game like this, so am interested to see how they overcome the problems I had to recreate the great game! I was using games workshop minis for footballers lol

  2. Been waiting for you review on this mate. Been after a decent footy game, seen a few different takes, so wasn't sure which to buy,
    Oh and if you're getting Midland teams don't forget the pride of the Midlands Nuneaton Borough , by far the greatest team the world has ever seen,

  3. This seems just what I’ve been looking for. I have a soccer game that doesn’t have the stat cards but is very close to this. The stat cards make this an auto buy . Thanks


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