Claw Science: Balloon Buster


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  1. I've read the manual on the rigged one, it has three play modes test, play,and attract when in attract it will never line up, when it reaches the the specified dollar amount the game then switches to play made and poof it will now line up. it is registered as a gambling game not a skill game. ps also each line acrossed is a different dollar amount. one furthernote is that the string is not actually attached to the balloon it's a mechanism that drops the string

  2. jeremy is just skill. we have a balloon busyer in the malls. and alot wins at the jeremy buster. Even a kid won it
    Edit: The brandon one is much much harder.

  3. The balloon buster you played I won back to back yesterday and got a kindle and a camera and also won 2 pairs of beats but not yesterday so it's not rigged

  4. Here's the patent application for the game.  I think both games are the same game that they have setup at the application code level to rig in different ways

  5. I am surprised you differentiate between skill and rigged games. They are all rigged it seems. Even how the high dollar machines you say don't give prize until double the prize value is put into machine by public. I always assume the games get turned off, or unplugged at night, thus resetting payout odds. I wonder if they ever payout the Ipads, and such…

  6. I have a question…if they are rigged to a ratio of one wins to 3,000 losses, wouldn't the machine's vendor be able check a report or display that indicates it's stats so that he can just restock or withdraw the best prize which the machine won't know anyhow and when it finally pays out a cheap prize is dispensed?

  7. at andredes or wwhatever its called i was at a rigged ballon thing and RIGHT before and i mean right before the dart hit the balloon, it stopped and pretended it went the right diistance

  8. working at an arcade i can assure you BOTH games have payout's, the other one with the up and accross button is rigged just an older version, they can be set up to 1:3000 per games, theres not even an option to make it a skill game, its all payout

  9. The arcade near me got one of the non-rigged versions, but holy cow it's hard as heck to win out of. I've been close, but not yet. Great video. 🙂

  10. HUMM you can get a buring lazer pointer for like 20 bucks and pop the ballons…lol search up laser point pops balloons its super easy.

  11. Just me or did anyone else notice he was flippin us off when he was explaining what one was rigged and what one was not.


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