Cellular Or WiFi iPad… Which Should You Buy?


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Which iPad model should you choose… Cellular (LTE) or WiFi? In this segment, we’ll help you choose by presenting both the case for and against the Cellular iPad.

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  1. I live in apartment complex that provides internet and we can’t order any other provider they don’t support them are internet is works ok but it’s capped so cellular sounds better for me

  2. I’m gonna get the cellular and WiFi one because when I go to Mexico it is a 3-4 day without internet unless when we stay at a hotel which is late at night and I really like being connected, chat with my friends, my sister, watch videos so probably getting it for my birthday I’m so happy !

  3. I am thinking about using the cellular on an Ipad mini because it seems like it would be a cheap way to get a good phone, if I say get an earlier version of the Ipad mini. What do you think?

  4. I dont travel but when I do it annowing in a tablet so think to bye a iPad and .after buying after a few month starting youtubechannle

  5. ive been using ipad with only wifi for the last few years by using my iphone as hotspot and let me tell ya it is not practical for long term use when you are out for 90% of time due to it getting disconnected constantly

  6. i mainly want ipad for studying, reading, netflix and games so i feel like there is no point for me to get a cellular version

  7. I’m getting the iPad mini 5+ Cellular data and I have a 3 reasons why: Reason 1 I want Cellular data so I don’t have to connect to a WiFi when I travel or go places: Reason 2 So when I don’t have internet my mommy don’t have to pay for WiFi every month when I can simply pay for Cellular data for only $130 more. And reason 3: Because this iPad mini 5 is good for traveling that what everyone else says.

  8. question. i've never had an ipad but thinking of getting one. So, if I get the cellular one, it's basically a bigger phone right? you can send or make calls with it?

  9. Chris, you are so spot on with so much of what you’ve said here. I’m someone who always buys cellular on my iPad. My job requires 80-100% travel on a monthly basis. In fact, I once went 8 months without ever seeing my work office. When I’m on the road for work, I typically stay in Hilton or Marriott hotels. They have terrible WiFi. If you don’t pay for the upgraded WiFi, you typically get download speeds of 3-5 megs. (Not usable, IMO) And even if you do pay for the “enhanced” WiFi, you typically still get less than 10 megs down. My cellular provider typically serves up 60-80 megs download speeds in large metropolitan areas, where I am most of the time. So my cellular connection on my iPad is zippy, often more so than whatever WiFi is available. And I’ll give you one more reason to get cellular on your tablets. I recently found out that my cellular provider doesn’t throttle them. If I go over 50 GBs in a month on my phone, they throttle me (I have “unlimited” data). But they don’t throttle tablets the same way. I learned this just recently by accident in a conversation with a rep from my provider about a completely unrelated issue. So, word to the wise… by cellular tablets. They’re totally worth it!

  10. 20 dollars per month? 🙉. Thts too much. In india we pay approx 1.79 dollars per month ( 1.5 gb 4g data per day + unlimited calling. Thanks to Jio).

  11. I just want to say : someone stole my IPAD and it only had wifi. If I had cellular the insurance would have covered it for me up to 600 dollars but since I did not have a plan with it. Its lost to the goons of America. My next IPAD will have both just for the simple fact its covered for that just in case moment. Now I am on the lookout for a deal on an IPAD for school. () () side note the more iam without it I find myself going toward the mac again. Who knows ???

  12. I am planning on buying ipad air 3 it's just that I don't have any credit card to purchase apps online, so I was wondering if for example if I could just get the one with just Wifi are there ny other options in paying things just like application?

    I'm new in Apple community so pls bare with my question.

  13. Down internet…cellular is one a back up, two you can be in your car or almost anywhere and get on the internet. yes if you want to save money tether but if you busy want convenience go cellular and phone goes dry and can't charge cellular.The extra cost is not much for most people unless you re on budget. Most people WIFI but my job cellular the way to go. Good points here. Summary most people no, business people invaluable.

  14. The WiFi version will last 1 hr more than cellular version , its mentioned on apple site , but How's it possible?😕😕😕😕

  15. For something as data hunger as ipad pro, using cellular will require you to spend more money on cell plan with huge data/unlimited. Plus, it will drain battery very fast compared to wifi. I’ve experienced this and I’ll get the wifi only. But then I don’t trave a lot so this is quite subjective

  16. ☺️ I have a cellular iPad 2 how do I get internet to work on it without need to connect to Wifi? My cellular provider is MetroPCS

  17. If you purchase an ipad + cellular do you have to activate the cellular service with your provider or can activate it only if you decide you need it?

  18. Can any reply to my comment, I am an student so what should I buy a celular or wifi as I want to take notes, watch movies , social media,etc

  19. Or to keep your 6 year old occupied in the car rather them asking "are we there yet" or "put on the Frozen soundtrack via Bluetooth" and everyone else in the car has to listen to it…that's worth the money alone.

  20. Weird question but can you make calls with the cellular one because sim insertion and all or is the hotspot the only benefit? Can someone please explain?

  21. i’m an aviation student and just starting my flight training so i’m getting the cellular version since i need it for the GPS

  22. The point I like most: the convenience when the internet goes out! I will buy the cellular. After all, I can forgo buying coffee to save for the lost money!

  23. I just use a wifi hotspot device which just works perfectly fine for me …
    I switch on the dongle and wham!!! it's there…
    Comparatively I saved a lot…


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