Best Swords you NEED TO GET for Season of the Worthy! – Destiny 2


Swords are getting a MASSIVE Overhaul Next Season! As a result, certain sword perks are getting Huge Buffs! These are the best Swords to grind for in Season of Dawn to prepare!




New #Destiny2 video, going over the Best Sword Perks and Swords to grind for during Season of the Dawn (Season 9)! Bungie revealed that Swords are getting a huge buff and a complete re-work coming next season (Season 10, Season of the Worthy)! So we are going over the best destiny 2 swords for PvE and PvP to prepare for the new Season meta! #SeasonOfDawn #SeasonOfTheWorthy

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  2. Got God rolls and God rolls masterworked strikers iron tusk and the other menagerie warlock sword destroys solars

  3. So with tireless blade, powered sword kills refers to sword kills while having ammo, not power vs light attack. So you cant grab 1 ammo and follow up with shattering blade✌🏻

  4. Hey guys need help. Started campaign with warlock to get that sword n was gonna same for titan but bn that cayde was one that gave u the sword and he is not in tower now where do u get it?

  5. I have a Steel Sybil with Whirlwind Blade and Relentless Strikes. I love using it.
    I usually do a heavy cleave and then spam lights.

  6. I never heard thicker kakis in any of your vids and I couldn’t breath when she said “aka the thicker kakis” xD

  7. I like his videos. He gets right into it and gives all the info you're looking for. Thanks Rick, I appreciate you taking the time to share your knowledge.

  8. I'm sure someone already said this, but I'm like 100% certain Tireless blade refers to any kill since the weapon is technically called a "Powered Sword," and the Heavy Attacks aren't called Power Attacks. How good it is shouldn't change too much unless the damage numbers on the light attacks are changed to compensate for the new infinite attack loop.

  9. Completely left out the easiest sword to get in the game that consistently comes with heavy guard tireless blade and relentless strike. Steel Sybil Z-14. Turn in those crucible tokens

  10. "Swords you need to be grinding for" foolish of you to assume I'm missing any swords I want , think I might bust out double edged answer and the levi sword ,

  11. Rick’s favorite words/phrases:

    “Lets get started”
    “Moving on from there”
    “Place your bets”
    “payed to move”
    “have a good day”


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