Battling the Swarm! – Let's Play Stellaris ROMAN EMPIRE – Ep.17 – Modded Gameplay


We’re starting our new Let’s Play for Stellaris 2.7 Federations! – We’re playing as an alternate Roman Empire with several unique mods and custom species to make the game more immersive and cinematic. In this episode,
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Thank you to the modders for the hard work and time to make community content.
Thank you to Starchitec for making the custom Roman mod for this series.

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  1. Name the Exile's ship "The Exile" (in Latin if possible). As for the Norillga Swarm, they will have to eat our weapons first. nomnom

  2. Noble Senators, I recommend to the house that in honour of the victory gained at Il-Ya, that the system be re-dedicated with an appropriate Roman name. I also suggest that, in light of the strategic importance of the system to our future war efforts, that the system be fortified and used as a forward support and resupply base for our fleets.

    Marcus Furius Regulus Australianus

  3. you seriously need to build home defense fleets within 4 systems of each other .. you will need the ships later anyway for more expansion … should build as many worlds you can to increase your resources ..

  4. Great battle,but like I said for the future,we will need Strike cruisers,Battle cruisers and Battleships now I understand that not all the empires might not have them yet,so we should stay ahead of everyone else in ships,tech,And Galactic force projection. Thank Senator Christopheruis Greenuis….

  5. (First non RP then i'll will RolePlay.

    Yes lengthy text, but I am loving the role-play aspect of this series and wish to add to the immersivness. Feel free to give it a read. Its more of a summary of my characters and where they stand. I would like to keep building on this with other Role-players and can’t wait to see and adapt to your stories.
I try to take as much inspiration from my fellow commenters. Lets keep it up.)


(Back in to RP)

    An update on the Veteles family. The family that own the forges of Elysium and who sees to the construction of my Roman civilian and Roman technology


- The family was part of the Xeno Reform League. It was recently discovered that Empress Appia Caeser III only joined the ranks to destroy the party from within. I mean who does say no, to the Empress. In the end, she succeeded and Sen. Alexander II decided that a switch to Dominate Romane would be more fitting.

    – The Family has close ties to the RIA, Governor Autus Hospidius and the Sentorial Family of Elysium Leonhardicus 

    Sen. Alexander Veteles II, known as Alexander the Great, Titanslayer of Aegyptus and Sentinal Whisperer (who is now 61 years old.) is small in stature but fit for his age. His burned body still recovering from the battle of Aegyptus (Now Rhea) 20 years before, and the mental trauma he received after the Vazuran Invasion of Elysium , make him a fierce man to deal with. He has taken over the Senate position on Elysium ever since his father Bracius Alexander Veteles the first died defending Elysium.
    During his time, he has seen to it that almost all major Roman planets receive a Planetary Shield Generator, the Roman worlds of Terra, Elysium and Cicero being the latest. The Forges of Elysium produced all the alloys for the roman fleet Classis II and Plumbata Defense Platforms, the new Minerva Class Cruiser being the Flagship design for Veteles Construction Corp. propaganda.

    Maio Opiteria Veteles (Now 41 years old) became the wife of Sen. Alexander II after everything happened on Elysium, During her time as head Researcher on Tiberium’s Physics division, many things were uncovered.
    Maio gaining some notable research achievements such the X-Ray Lasers, writing a paper on the Curators and then getting the possibility from them to build a archeological lab on every science ship, giving us a research capabilities modelled after the Infinity Machine.
    She also helped some the scientist improve research output, on research stations.
    Her newest challenge being, to improve the Artisans Output through Market Analysis Algorithms. A project that she and Alexander II are working closely together for the better of Roman Industrial Worlds.

    Auris Pontius Veteles (22 years old and son of Sen. Alexander Veteles II)
Has grown taller then his father and closely resembles his grandfather B.A Veteles the first. He serves in the Roman Navy under Admiral Titus Opsius Norillgicus – Conquerer of the Swarm.
    Auris was drafted into the Navy before joining the Roman Intelligence Agency. The Norillga War taking up the priority.
    The plan is for him to work his way up in the ranking system and gain respect from his colleagues, to later on begin his training as a special service agent.

  6. Hey ROP, are you using a mod for the unity tree? I was just looking at the wiki for the ascension perks, and you have way more unity options than are on there.

  7. (A brownout, unlike a blackout, is when the power goes out due to lack of electricity to meet demands instead of it getting cut completely.

  8. Five systems, we have been at war against the Norillga Swarm for a couple of months and we have conquered five of their systems, if we continue at this rate, then we should be able to conquer the Norillga in their entirety in no time at all. Also, with the Tyreen, perhaps integration could be given to them once the war is won. We can grant them residence as they have proven their worth to us, and we can grant them rights to be in our military, as in our won against then they were strong, and they've proven their worth now, fighting alongside us against a Norillga stronghold.
    EDIT: Also, I suggest getting the zero point reactor as soon as possible, as you'll be able to unlock dark matter reactors for your navy somewhere on the engine line after that, I think it's the sixth or seventh reactor.

  9. Venerated Senators, Illustrious Empress, Citizens of Rome,
    On this day, justice is finally done. At long last, the insolence and arrogance of the Norilda Swarm has been met. Our brave sailors and great leaders have entered their space, brushing the Hide Mind fleets aside, destroying their infrastructure and crippling their economy.
    It will not be long before this sacrilege towards nature's order is defeated, and our Eagles will perch their claws into the entire northern Galaxy Quadrant. Glory to our legions.
    But let this speech of praise and victory also be a warning. For we have many other enemies, and they are watching us
    In my mind, every xenos underbeing is an adversary, but the greatest threat to us is that machine empire. I will not name that hideous mistake of nature, but these very machines have claimed some of our systems, and wait for the right moment to strike.
    If we are victorious, then this formation might strike whilst our fleet is elsewhere engaged. Should the gods withdraw their favour, then these masses of mobile metal might strike, hoping to feed upon the carcass of a weakened Roman Empire.
    With these concerns now exposed, I put it to the Senate to enact legislation to double our fleet capability. May we build, as soon as possible, a great Reserve Fleet. This fleet, once formed, will be able to assist our units engaged in Norilda space should they be temporarily defeated. They will also be a deterrent to the machine scum, whose masses await a moments weakness to attack.
    This measure is inevitable, since we have today exited the age of exploration and entered the era of war. For war is our future.
    War is what will preserve our future,
    War is what will keep our enemies away and our vassals loyal,
    War is the means by which our destiny will be fulfilled.
    All hail our empress, all hail our gods, all hail the great and gallant Titus Opsius,
    All hail Eternal Rome!

  10. That was an amazing epic battle! Amazing episode! you can sit at their station and heal once the station is convered to yours!

  11. Rush for their capital dont let them build up their fleet and head straight for chokepoints on Norillga swarm borders. Dont let its neighbors take advantage on what you started, crush the Norillga as fast as possible like Admiral Titus Opsius did.

  12. I haven't played stellaris myself in many years but i enjoy your playthrough.
    You're way better than me at paradox games haha.

  13. Titus Opsius on the deck of the Hypaspa

    Men, we are equipped for the duty, we have the lighter hulls and higher burn capabilities, we MUST prevent this abomination of a hive mind from escaping the full might of the Roman Armada, lest they escape our grasp into Roman territory and ravage our people like the Vazuran which we have been unable to stop.

    Remember your families, remember the loved ones you have lost to the xenos and the destruction that has been wrecked upon us. I say, I would sooner face the entire xeno fleet with with you, my twenty ships and crew under my command than with any number our brothers in the safety of the armada behind us. If this means we can prevent their jump and ensure freedom and safety to the Imperia Romana, then by the Gods so be it.


    ~ Battle transcript read to the Roman Senate by Senator Gianii Staniscus in support of a commendation medal for Titus Opsius and battlefield re-classification of his fleet to Classis II Norillga

  14. Add to indentured servitude the slave processing facility… which helps mitigate the negative effects that might come from Indentured Servitude. Please keep in mind that if you advance your speed on all your ships that use missiles, you will reach a point where the ship outpaces the missile itself. This will result in many corvettes being destroyed because they will be in conflict range with the enemy before their weapons strike the enemies. This is a troubling problem with using missiles, their speed is not increased by the technology which increases your vessels. Just something to be aware of when your using missiles to a large degree.

  15. Senators! The young and gallant Admiral Titus Opsius has won for Rome a great victory which will surely cripple the Norillga Swarm's ability to launch any offensive. The men under his command have declared him "Norillgicus" – Conquerer of the Swarm. I put to vote by the Senate that this man be granted this title and his name forever be known as "Titus Opsius Norillgicus"! I also place on the motion that the admiral of the Tyreen's Cardana Starfleet; Admiral Pud B'Scul that assisted at Yon be given the title of "Magister Auxilia" – Master of Auxiliaries, and his name also be amended to Pud B'Scul Magister Auxilia.
    Senators I would also like to say that these events have shown that despite being Zenos, the Tyreen have clearly taken Roman values to heart such as honor, valor, and duty even in the short time that they have been our vassals. If the current vote to integrate the Tyreen should pass I also call that the citizens of the Tyreen be given the same freeman status that the Mari have been given. I do not forget the Zeno nature of the Tyreen & Mari but they have proven themselves above servitude and I welcome them into the ranks of the Proletarii – non-citizen members of the Roman Empire!

    Senator L. Vorenus

  16. You can tell this man never lived in California lol a brownout is a partial loss of electricity. It will usually either not go down completely or blip out only momentarily, hence a brownout instead of a blackout.

  17. The missing resource in the overview is most likely the result of minor mod incompatibilities. Both mods are overwriting the same file to add their's and only one can win in the end.
    The effect for incoming fleets is vanilla, the battleship you got is a vanilla event ship model, not part of any shipset.
    If you like the basic shield generator effect, you'll love the upgraded version, but you'll need better shield tech before that shows up in the research pool. (The upgraded version is not terribly much better than the standard one but gives a little edge for places you really want to protect, like fortress worlds or capitals). The standard building's effects are a little bit modified compared to vanilla, having the soldier job for example.

  18. Senators-
    Five systems have fallen; Admiral Titus Opsius and the brave sailors of Classis II displayed the very embodiment of resolve and sacrifice at the battle of Il-Ya C and both our diplomatic and scientific power has been seen across across the galaxy.

    This night, let us hold our heads a little higher, let the ancient pride of our ancestors stir in our hearts; this evening let us give praise to our mighty fleets and let the Xenos quake at the roar of our weapons.

    We are the children of Rome. Senators, speak to those plebeians who weary of this war, they are few in number, but their craven hearts sap the marrow of our warrior heritage. Scold them for their half heartedness.

    Let us gather and celebrate. For while the war is but yet newly began, each system which falls, each victory we grasp, further renews the ancient compact of our peoples and reminds us… glory and honour are won ONLY in battle.

    May our noble ancestors, and the Gods, bless our great Empire, and give strength to our Agrippa, our Diamond Empress, Jewel in the Darkness.
    -Saulus Boyalus, Senator of Gaia.

  19. During the battles against the Swarm
    the agents stationed on the ships recorded every single data for later analysis, and examination by the Agency, especially placing more Agents on the acquired Battleship, the data being recorded on that Ships was astronomical, the data, and the reading recorded from its performance against the enemy fleet was out of the expectation of our top analysts, the advanced techs on that battleship was ahead of out military technology and with these records and future records, we might be able to replicate these advanced weaponries, the RIA like our Imperial Navy, considers this Warship the jewel of the Empire.

    A live broadcast has started since the beginning of the war broadcasting unfiltered records to the Senate, Military Commanders, the Empress, and the RIA. And also sometimes broadcast some filtered Records to the general public

  20. Pacifism and Xenophilia are not the same thing. We conquerer practicality everyone in the Galaxy while subscribing to Xenophilia. Heck I'd argue Xenophobia is inherently more cowardly.

  21. Da Dun da daaa daaaaaaa Da Dun da daaaaaa….

    As an FWI your entire military power also includes the power of you starbases; you built a battle platform with about 500 strength so the computer took that into account.


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