Atlas: 5 Tips I Wish I Knew When I Started


Looking for Atlas Tips and Tricks or maybe an Atlas Beginners Guide? Well look no further! These are five of the quick Atlas Game beginner tips or game mechanics I wish I had known when I started playing Atlas. Please let me know what you wish you had known in the comments below!

0:15 How to Get Water with Nothing
1:50 Whistling Ship Ladders to Go Up and Down
3:12 Stuck Below Deck or Instantly Getting above Deck
4:36 Medkit Not Working
5:54 Stop Turning off the Forge/Fire on Accident


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  1. I haven't tried this game yet, but wouldn't you be able to get water from… all the water surrounding the island? XD

  2. Hy Bro thx the video.Atlas frame cap it fixed 30fps?In the beggining its horrible the game.I like it but i use xbox one x and i hope the game dont put down fps…?

  3. I have a great tip. How about some updates and new features and content? Is this game not being worked on anymore?

  4. Awesome video Survival Bob! Picked up a few new things. Me and my boys just started on Xbox last week. Games been a blast.

  5. Never knew about the ladder whistle before and I always had to struggle to get back on the boat especially when I had not grappling hook so you really helped me out there


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