1978-Boston Massacre, Game 4 (WPIX-TV Audio)


-For those in need of a baseball fix with the season on hold, here is the final game of the “Boston Massacre” series from September 1978 as the Yankees complete the four game sweep of the Red Sox at Fenway. Like my earlier uploads of Games 1 and 2, this is WPIX-TV audio (the actual telecast with video for Game 3 is on YT elsewhere; my YT upload of Game 3 was radio). I have also included Frank Messer’s radio postgame show after the telecast audio part ends.

-In this game, the Yankees knock rookie Bobby Sprowl out in the first inning and make the outcome a foregone conclusion (the 7-4 final score is a bit misleading).

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  1. Any one pick up the Suttle line in the game Yankees Pick up 3 minor league players from the Coast League Brian Doyle. Yep

  2. One thumbs down must be a Boston Fan. If you are bored during the Virus Season please subscribe to my Channel I am replaying the 1977 season using Pay off Pitch and just started playing 1988 with Strat O Matic baseball I am a huge Yankee fan and will be using your audio telecasts in PC projects i am doing. Thank you again one of the more underated Channels

  3. No Boston fan who was at one or all of these games will ever forget this four-game sweep. The Yanks had won 16 of 21 coming into the series, but what happened here was something even the most ardent Yankee fan couldn't have imagined. The Red Sox probably played as badly as they could possibly have played, but even if they'd played 50 percent better than this, they would've lost all four. As epaddon noted, the 7-4 final in this game was misleading.


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