10 Creepy Secrets Behind Classic Video Games


P.T. just got even scarier.

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  1. i played pt when i was in 5th grade with 3 friends. It messed us up so bad no joke. one of the only things i remember from that year.

  2. The Mirror Room in Silent Hill 3 was always unsettling to me. You see the image in the mirror fill with creepy images, but then they cross over to your side and start to harm you. So far as im aware the room serves no other purpose besides being a creepy trap

  3. Is there any movie that you want a game for but hasn't come out just thinking about it and I like to see a running man game or weekend at bernies game I know there's was a running man game but I like to see one now

  4. Final Fantasy VIII(heavy spoilers included!):
    As people who have played Final Fantasy VIII knows, the world it is set in has not used live transmissions via radio waves for 17 years at the time the game takes place. This strikes the player as odd because the radio tower is still somewhat operational, and so is the TV station, but both are pretty much abandoned in favour of recorded messages put online via HD cables. Despite radio wave technology existing and having been abandoned, it seems like most of the world in the game is without a viable communications system, leading to the inability to warn Trabia and Balamb garden of incoming missile attacks from the prison or missile base themselves. This is assumed to be due to damaged HD cables from war and constant monster fights.
    As you progress late in the game, you find out that the reason radio waves have been abandoned is because of a global radio wave disturbance that makes all but very short radio wave transmissions impossible, and removing the radio noise has made radio transmission almost impossible generally speaking.
    It is revealed through optional conversation that the reason for this disturbance is Sorceress Adel's tomb in space which somehow disrupts radio waves all over the entire planet. The disruption started when Laguna and the others in Esthar launched Adel's prison tomb into space.
    >>>>>The creepy secret part:
    What is not mentioned in conversation and in truth is one of those "If you don't delve deep you won't notice it" is the exact cause of this disruption. The player is presented information that makes them just assumes it's the sealing technology on the prison/tomb that when held in space is disrupting radio waves on Earth. This is not the case.
    If you think back to the TV station mission in Timber, you notice the large TV screen of the abandoned TV station. The screen shows what appears to be red artefacts on a flickering black background. This is said to be the visual representation of the disruption in radio waves.
    If you look closely, the artefacts are actually not artefacts. They're letters spelling out "IAMALIVEHEREIWILLNEVERLETYOUFORGETABOUTMEBRINGMEBACKTHERE".
    I am alive here. I will never let you forget about me. Bring me back there.
    Sorceress Adel appears to be somewhat conscious in the tomb, using what remains of the sorceress magic in this frozen state to send this message through the radio waves down to the planet below – and has been for 17 years. Sorceress Adel is shown as a cruel, cold-hearted dictator who abuses the powers of the Sorceress to oppress people, but the revelation of 17 years of imprisonment in space, sending out a constant and never ceasing disruptive signal for every second of every day is blood-curdling.
    This is further driven into solid canon when you visit the TV station in Timber after the Lunar Cry swallows up Adel's tomb and crashes it onto earth. The TV screen is no longer showing this message. It is showing the regular black-and-white dusty image of a TV with no signal. This is because the global radio wave disruption comes to an end when Adel no longer transmits this from space.

  5. i don't know if i would call the minus world a video game secret given that, unlike the other 9 entries, it was never at any point in development, planned content and is instead the result of glitching the game

  6. Man, I thought Danny was scared in P.T. If Arin only knew how to hack the camera, Dan will be scared shitless


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